thought i would throw a couple pics on of the car. i know its dirty but with all this construction in the vegas it always is!!

looks nice and clean. I like it.

:word: definately a great lookin ride

I can’t view Attached Images for some reason :gotme:

works for me

looks good, seen it at the first dyno day


nice debadging for sneekyness…

not too sure on the bumper/grill though…aren’t you restricting a lot of air from gettting to the intercoolers?

plus i’ve always had my heart set on the 1999 JSPEC front bumper…so hot, JDM4L

that bumper was on the car when i bought it so i can live with it for now. and i do agree with you on the j-spec … maybe someday

whatsup guy :slight_smile: love that car.

hey not bad looking car at all

i approve ups to the z community

thanks guys…hey woody when am i gonna see the stealth?

1 critique - black out the front mesh/grills.

looking nice, i agree with the statement about the front bumper, i would think stock would look better then that.

looks good, but ya gotta replace that mesh in the frt with a big front mount

haha if you want to design and fab up the piping for the front mount for a twin turbo let me know:)

shes been iffy lately. maybe ill bring her up to taffy’s this sunday if she decides to run that particular day :slight_smile:

maybe check the muffler bearings or the turn signal fluid and see if that helps

actually he is much much better off, if planning on going to upgraded intercoolers, sticking with sidemounts because they are more convenient, require no modification…are direct fit, no custom piping needed like you would if switching to front mount stile, and there is really no point unless you plan on putting down like 600whp, which i dont think he is yet…

but yeah, paint the ricer mesh black, or get that jspec bumper…i say we get a group sale for that front bumper going, i want one too…