Thinking of Jacking Wi Fi?

Think again…

Good deal!

For the average joe that does it just to mess around on the intraweb is one thing. When you start using it to DL massive amounts of illegal materials, and other shit along those lines, then I’d be pissed for using my wireless signal.

mine password protected brotha

if ppl learned how to set their shit up the right way it wouldnt be a problem, POOPRA is right, pswd protect ur shit


i can crack your stoopid wep in under 3 min.

wireless is a joke and always will be.

sad part is ur right. i dont care if ppl steal my wi fi. i dl plenty of illegal shit myself. i use vpn for the encrypted wi fi connection and hope for the best. worse comes to worst, beat up ur neighbors

Krazyjon is a government paid illegal computer hacker…he he

lol there’s like ~5-6 unsecured networks in range when i sit at my coffee table at home.

what an idiot though, why not just go to the mall or the ups store. :ham:

any jackass with a laptop can crack it stupid fast

have 2 laptops? even faster…

People who steal anything should be shot period! Stealing is the lowest of the low.


uh did you mean “stealing”?? :roll:

i steal everyday.

Me = by MAC address only :shoot:

so were both jackasses :sad:

Certified Ethical Hacking Forensic INvestigator that is…

well soon i will be, once i have time to take the class/test

:word:especially at canisius. when i was in the townhouses and left it unsecured i had 18 people on my network :lol: