This is amazing....

Happened to a Z friend of mine in Indiana…still in shock…makes me leary of everyone that comments on a car and shady people in general… From Luke himself…

so, here is what happened

I went to wash my car at one of those self serve spray wash places. I was about half way through the process and 2 black guys appear in front of the car and start talking to me about the car …

my car is in stall 1 facing the road

them: That’s a nice car what kind of car is it

me (kind of leary but still spraying the soap): it’s a fifteen year old Nissan

them: those sports cars get stolen alot

me (getting more leary): I keep it in the garage

them: but it’s not always in the garage like now

me: Yeah, but it will be in about 10 minutes … at that time the beeper on the timer for the wash goes off and I see three other guys walk up behind my car so, I try to play it cool and put the sprayer in it’s holder and said hold on a sec, I need a couple more quarters and I open the car door … jump in, start it up, and floor it (hoping those two in front of me get out of the way). I half to turn right and the guy on the right runs but as the car fishtails out of the bay my left rear quarter knocks the other guy to the ground (no marks on the car though ) and I here a gunshot from one of the three behind the car, as I get to the exit onto the road I am planning on turning 180 degrees to the left (which probably isn’t the best idea in hindsight since I will be passing right in front of the carwash going up the hill of the overpass but, that’s what I am doing and in a real big hurry). I’m about half way through the turn when I notice 2 cop cars at the Deli across the street so, I decide to go there and try to make a right instead of my planned left … a tire smoking 360 was the end result of that idea … I get the car under control and zoom into the deli parking lot just to see the 4 cops coming out of the deli and 2 of them jumping into their car and heading towards the car wash.

the other two say they heard the shot and start asking me what’s going on so, I tell them how the events unfolded and the whole time they are on the radio with the other two directing them and giving descriptions.

I then went home and rinsed off the car (it still had soap on it) kissed the wife and daughter walked the dog and had a beer and then another
Luke Pavlick

WOW…I can’t believe he had time to start the car and drive away. That was one dangerous situation this dude got himself out of…

WOW, glad he was able to get out of there ok.

Luke rocks. He works for Tire Rack and has sold me 2 set of tires! Real good guy, glad he got his ass out of the frying pan…

whoa, thats some shit

yea…again…deff smart to jump in and go…glad he got away safe…any word if the cops caught those guys

That was a good Idea to say “I gotta get some change”…Way better than trying to jump in and book.


Good to see Luke is okay. Unfortunate situation, and it really pisses me off to see this kind of thing happen. But as long as he’s okay and the man kept everything under control…

holy crap… thats crazy!

Knowing my DSM… i woulda jumped in… and it wouldnt have started.

Or it woulda overheated before I got out of the car wash bay.

^^ lol

thats why you need ninjas in the trunk for protection.

Nice quick thinking :tup: to that guy. Talk about a sticky situation.