thoughts on diesel upgrades

I am looking to do some work to my diesel truck. It is a 2003 ford f-350 6.0 Powerstroke. I am trying to decide what system will be better, and have great bang for the buck. Edge performance, Bully Dog, or Banks Performance. Anyone have any idea on any diesel products or know where I can get information about the systems from. Also, anyone know of any diesel performance shops locally.

I know 2 people with Cummins motors, one running an edge box I believe, and one running the Banks kit. The edge one made more HP and a little more torque, but he was also running about 8psi more at the dyno. Both made 800ft/lb plus though so id say either would be a good way to go.

cool, thanks duder

when im lazy and wake up in the afternoon on saturdays on spike they have a show called trucks! and i sometimes watch that after car and driver just for amusement. anyways they are always using the bully dog stuff and i cant remember specific numbers but they sounded impressive to me at the time. i really know nothing about trucks but good luck

talk to fastncheap

what kinda gas mileage you get outta that f350

i get the same if i have 6000 or nothing on the back of the truck.

ANS- little

Banks has been around for a very long time so they have a good dela of experience and background. Solid reputation as well.

im getting about 22-23 mpg

Banks :tup:

Bully Dog has anything and everything you could ever want. Propane… squirters… exhaust. You name it.

Banks is probably going to be marching up prices shortly cause he has been all over powerblock lately. Very smart guy, has probably done 20 turbo projects with those guys… and they are all sweet.

I approve of both.

^^^ I was just going to mention the propane injection… carries several different diesel performance products. Pick up a free catalog, if you don’t already receive them.

I’ve been considering propane for a couple months now… I don’t necessarily need it with the turbos I have. But if I’m going to hang on to the car, I want to hang with the “other cars” as well. :wink: :snky:

I recommend POWERBLOCK to anyone who is remotely interested in cars/trucks/automotiv knowledge in general. Pretty good shows… lots of cool stuff. Great for watching in your boxors with a bowl of cereal in front of you. There is usually a marathon before/after with one show playing for an hour or 2 straight.
Car&Driver is pretty weak, but interesting, Horsepower is good. They have an in-house Dynno they use daily. They do everything on that show. Trucks is sweet. Stacey ( a guy ) is the man. He tells it like it is. This is the guy you wanna watch for diesel performance. He has made many many trucks which were incredible. He will no longer do “manufacturer” sponsored vehicles anymore. What happens when they do that is… a company gives them a truck and the parts. They say make a show about this. After he is done busting his ass on the project they use it at a couple shows and then they destroy it. Why do they destroy it? They can’t sell it, it would be a liability if anything were to happen. So now, Stacey will take “your” truck, and do what you want, and give it back to you. This way his hard work is enjoyed for years to come. Right now he is in the middle of a Sgt. Rock build. A massive fricken military truck with an 800hp wedge motor… 55" tires… and all sorts of hardcore shit on it. When he is done, he will beat the piss out of this thing like he does everything else. I give all the credit in the world to this guy. I’d like to meet him actualy if someone wants to pull some strings for me. Another show is Extreme4x4. By Extreme I mean they just built 2 rock climbers. 1 on a budget, and one with the best of everything (including an LS1). They build all sorts of crap, like trucks, but more extreme, and less likely to be built by normal 4x4 fans.

Thats my story. I watch Powerblock every weekend religiously. Its sweet shit.

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Alf wrote:

im getting about 22-23 mpg

Holy shit dude, thats about 1 mpg off what I get with the L!

Shit, how many miles you got on there?

Im seeing about 16 highway nothing in tow and about 10-12 with an 8000lb trailer.


propane injection is for grilling