Thumbs up to freewheeling cycle

Story: When I purchased my bike used from Bob Weavers, it came with a sticker attached to the fender. It reads something like John Veretti. 1975-2004 Wheelies forever. Obviosly somebody had died and these stickers are to remember him. Out of respect I left the sticker on and has brought me luck thus far.

So I dropped my bike off at freewheeling yesturday afternoon to get 2 tires mounted. Talk to the mechanic “Troy” for 10 minutes and he tells me he got out of sportbikes because his friend died. Then he spots the sticker. “Thats my friend!! Do you know him?” I tell him no and why I kept the sticker attached. A little more chatting and I left the bike with him.

I get a call at work from Troy and he tells me how much he appreciated that I kept the sticker on. He askes me for my permission to take the bike to his shop after hours so he can hook it up a little. He tells me what he wants to do and he seems like a straight dude so I agree to let him take it.

I picked it up this morning with the tires mounted, Both rims had the pits buffed out and polished! (3-4 hour job). Sprocket and chain cleaned and lubed. And he waxed my bike! and only charged me for the mount and balance!

:tup: to Freewheeling Cycle!


now that’s quality service :tup:

you got lucky


I think Free Wheeling has the worst service in the area. I think you got lucky :tup:

Yes I’ve heard that from several sources. It’s down the street from my house and the price was right so I chanced it.

freewheeling has always been good to me… good guys down there

Yeah they’re good people, bought a few bikes from there. They put up with me laughing about their prices for gear too.

Always seemed like a good bunch of guys to me. :tup: to him going above and beyond.

I go to them for anything I don’t have tools for, and they have been really good to me.

They even let me borrow a chain breaker tool one time because the only tool they sold was a POS.

:tup: to those guys.