Timing belt cost

What would be a rough cost to have the timing belt replaced on a Prelude at a local garage (i.e., non-dealership)? Not sure of the year, but it’s one of the later style ones - I can find out if it makes a big difference.


1998 3.6 hrs
1995 same 3,6 hrs also

you need a special tensioner tool too…its not to bad of a job

Thanks. My step-brother-in-law (is that a word?) has over 100K on his car and I thought that it was a good idea to change it, correct?

dont forget to change the balance shaft belts also.

yea timing belt,balance belt and water pump!

I usually replace the auto tensioner on customer cars, its not worth having one bleed off and wrecking the motor.

Yep agreed, just happened to a girl I work with two nights ago. Her husband changed the belts, but not the tensioner, and it locked up tight…

the wife or the car?

you should replace the autotensioner with a manual tensioner from an h23. itll save u alot of trouble and you wont have to worry about it failing like the autotensioners.

also if your at 100k your on borrowed time. mine stapped at 102 cuz i though the previous owner had it done at 80k like they call for.

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I’ve seen stock timing belts go FAR… up to 180k on civics. They are loose as a goose, but if you are being easy on the car, they’ll last. I think the one had cords showin in some spots, so it didn’t have long left anyway.

thats not something to bank on. do it on time, cuz they snap without a warning. in Hseries motors, you trash your valves and possibly pistons if it breaks.

ha… ol dirty, how many times have you thrown your belt with no probs??? :x:

No one has mentioned what the cost would be.

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x whatever the garage’s rate is

i got a quote of $450 for the swap on my wife’s 03 eclipse at Baierl Mitsubishi… SOHC motor, fairly easy to do. i did mine on my 95 eclipse for ~150 bucks myself… new water pump, tensioner, and belt. i’d say anywhere from 450 to 6/700 would be the norm.

cost will probably be from 350-500 (or more) depending on the shop or dealership you go to. obviously dealerships will be the high end of the spectrum.

i broke a belt in the car i own now, and my old prelude broke the bolt in the crank shaft pulley and lost the woodruff key. both times i bent valves. h series motors ARE interference motors. just an FYI