Tire Size on Rim Size

I knew I heard this somewhere before but I need to clarify. I got RSX 5-Spoke rims… I need to know what is the widest I can put on there… I wana say they are 7.5" or am I still thinking formula tires?

I thought a 225 would be safe… but wasn’t positive… anyone know?

i have 225’s on 7" wide rims on the 240 up front, and they fit without any problems. i also have 255 crammed onto the rears so u should be fine

rule of thumb is 70%. The rim size width doesn’t want to be any smaller than 70% of the tire width. I personnally try to shoot for over 80%.

Word. 225 is probably as big as you want to go without sacrificing performance on a 7" wide rim. I have 17x8 and 235/45/17. One thing to remember, get a general range of section widths because some tires are wider for 225 than others. For example:

Kumho Ecsta MX 235/45/17 section width is 9.4"

Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 245/45/17 section width is 9.4"

So, some tires might fit on that rim and some not as well. WTF do they have standards for when they aren’t the same, I don’t know.

i put 245s on my 7.5" wheels…they were fine