Top 10 douchebag cars

I aquired an unbeatable deal on an Evo to rebuild that I can’t pass up. So I’ve decided to put the Galant up for sale so that I won’t have much of a car payment (something I swore Id never have again). This car ran 11.29 at 123 at the 20005 Evo/WRX Shootout with stock head, ecu, afc, web cams. It won 2nd in Mitsu Q8 and won the Power Street class at NDRA St. Louis in 2005. You even get the Trophys with it.

Here goes:

1991 Galant VR-4
Nile Black
170,000 miles on the body
No rust on body or under it. The paint is not that great, it has some dents and stratches. I have a brand new front bumper that I will put on the car before the sale. I can discuss the posibility of having it painted for the buyer at an unbeatable price or even included if someone has a serious inquiry. The work would be done at our sister company HQ Kustoms (formally AMS Bodyworks), and would come out looking beautiful.

7000 miles on bottom end, 1500 on new cylinder head.
Machine work done by Apex Machine with proper torque plate, assembled by myself at AMS.
Ross pistons .020 over
Eagle rods
O-ringed block
MLS gasket
ARP head studs
New OEM oil pump and gears
New mighty max oil filter housing.
All belts, water pump, oil filter, gaskets…etc all new and OEM Mitsu parts. (I have a MASSIVE and very expensive invoice showing the rediculous amount of parts I have put into this car)
This thing has NO OIL LEAKS, I mean NONE! The bottom of this car is as dry as a 90 yr old…Maybe Ill stop right there…

Ported head done by Apex Machine
Supertech 1mm over valves
Crower springs and retainers, shimmed up a bit for higher rpm use
HKS 272 cams
Fully polished AMS VSR intake manifold ($1k sticker price on this beauty), intake ports are ported to match runners on intake manifold perfectly.
Valve cover painted Nile Black to match car
AMS Polished Spark plug cover
Relocated coil pack to firewall with custom length MSD wires
All copper stock replacement radiator
Brand new OEM Mitsu GVR4 alternator
25K mile JDM OEM starter
Poly front roll stop insert, all mounts are in perfect shape and free of cracks in rubber

ported 1g exh manifold
AMS GT35RLS turbo kit with adaptor plate, 38mm black tial WG, ported shroud T04S cover
Custom 2.5" alluminum IC piping with modified AMS 2g FCP front mount intercooler
Crushed and modified 1g bov
AMS braided AN fuel feed line kit
Polished stock fuel rail
AMS 780cc injectors
NT DSM fpr (higher base pressure)
AEM EMS with 93 octane tune, 5 bar AEM map sensor, GM IAT sensor
3" stainless steel exhaust custom built by myself, all TIG welded using 3 bolt stainless flanges and hangers, using Vibrant dual tip muffler (very stock looking)
Walbro 255lph HP fuel pump

OS Giken twin disk clutch (the nicest 1g clutch I’ve EVER driven short of a million dollar Tilton)
Fully built TRE trans with welded center diff.
Front axles remanned by local company
4 bolt rear
New tcase yoke installed this winter
Custom built 1g short shifter done by myself with “The Hammer!” shift knob
Solid shifter base bushings and tranny bushings installed
Brand new OEM Mitsu clutch slave cyl

Irotors front and rear slotted and drilled rotors from the group buy
Akibono Ceramic pads all around (this thing cold stops like no other and does NOT dust at all)
Braided lines all around
ABS eliminated with 93-94 big brake non abs proportioning valve and new OEM brake lines.
AWS eliminated with non aws DSM rack and DSM resivoir.
Car has been competition aligned and corner weighed using Longacre equipment, 1/16th toe out in front 1/16th or so toe-in in the rear.

New KYB GR-2 struts
Polyurethane front a-arm bushings
Modified springs

Very clean, damn near perfect
Carpets removed and pressure washed
OEM floormats dyed black
Leather seats are 98%, even the driver seat bolster shows very little wear getting in and out
Kenwood CD/MP3 deck, MTX front component set, stock rear speakers
Stewart Werner -30/40 psi boost gauge
AEM UEGO wideband gauge integrated into EMS with idle and cruising O2 feedback turned on (this baby gets GREAT gas milage)
A/C works
JDM E39A steering wheel in great shape
Gutted trunk
Everything in the interior works, even the power antenna works without a nitch

17" Konig Bronze Next wheels. (My roommate is contimplating trading me for his 17" Konig Black Hurry’s with exact same tires in same shape, possibly your choice)
245/40 17" Nitto Neo-Gen tires with 75% or better remaining
JDM 2 bulb corners wired correctly to blink with turn signals
JDM headlights included with wiring harnesses but not installed
All black trim freshly painted with 3M trim paint and or replaced with new OEM pieces

I think that covers it. I have been nit-picking everything on this car since I bought it almost 4 years ago. The fabrication and build quality of this car is second to none. I do this for a living at one of the most respected DSM/Evo shops in the country and I take as much pride in my own car as I do our customers. Anyone has seen this car in person since late 2004 should be able to attest to what I am saying. We will be doing an updated pump gas and race gas tune soon and I will have dyno numbers and sheets to go with the sale.

Here are some pics: