Just thought id let you know topgear is starting to show on discovery. In case your not too familiar with the show they review cars none of us will ever be able to afford to drive and use snappy british wit to describe the boners the cars give them.



yea i love watchin top gear, good stuff :tup:

Im totally glad they are showing it here. Such an entertaining show.


its been on speed forever

i guess i never paid attention cause i cant stand NASCRAP i ususally only turn on speed for wrc.

good show last night. It was funny watching him run from the helicopter

10.8 @ 130 quarter mile times, that is pretty impressive

actually thats 5th gear i am thinking of thats on speed

good then i am bringing you news, its a great show you should check it out

Top Gear > Fifth Gear

And Discovery looks to have done a much better job on the formatting for US broadcasting. Fifth Gear regularly had the last minute or so of the show cut off due to bad time usage. And the fact the boys at Top Gear pretty much have their own test facility…

i’ve got all of last season, and so far all of this season on my comp. I download it each week. I love that show :tup: