Transfer Case How To:

Basically a bunch of guys said I would have to press the bearings on or something to get the 18 spline case to work with my 25 spline spool.

I pulled the t-case, after removing my Hybrid Connection DP

This took all of 5 minutes.

I then removed all of the bolts holding it to the tranny, using the 18spline t-case as reference for where the bolts where. Another 5 minutes.

I pulled all bolts and gave it a tug… and another tug. No luck… not budging. I put one of the longer bolts back into the “rear” hole (for the shorter bolt) so it wouldn’t hit me in the face, in the event that it did come off. after much wiggling it finally started moving… I was also prying with a massive screwdriver…

before the t-case came completely off of the OS I tied up the DS with a bungee…removed the long bolt and pulled it the rest of the way out. This took 15-20 minutes

carried it to my porch for disassembly… when i noticed the dealership removed that bolt your never supposed to remove…


oh well.

I compared my 18 to my 25… everything was dead on, cept for the spline itself. I pulled apart the 25 cause it was already smoked, i had nothing to lose. It came apart fairly easy, after about 5 minutes I had it in 4 pieces. The front cover, the longer portion (the back of the t-case) the case and the spool itself. This is what I found


Well, I guess it was smoked afterall.

After looking around and getting familiar with the t-case, I decided to rip apart the 18 spline. Identical… cept for the spool itself again… I cleaned up the 25 spool and put the gears together without the case and it seemed to match up perfectly… fit nicely. Compared the 2 cases… and covers… nothing really different there either.

Fuck it. I’m driving this bitch today I said to my GF… So I cleaned the hell out of the 25 spline spool with some brake cleaner and a paint brush… bearings seemed good … so I packed them with grease. I put the spool into the 18 case… cause the 25 was full of shavings… and put the case back onto the tail section put on the 18 front cover… Spun it by hand… and it all felt good. reading the recall notice i saw it took 8.** ounces of 75W90 so I threw some in the tail… where it says to fill it form in the recall notice… this is odd… cause it has a fill plug… why would i fill it through the tail. Bah… what do I know, I put it in the tail anyways and got back under the car. remembering it said somethig about leaving the ass end of the TC in the air… I pulled the DS down to the case, slid it in, and lifted the TC to the proper height, a lot of oil poured out… god dammit, i knew i should have used the fill plug. so I install the TC into the car. This took probably 30 minutes. By far the most tireing and annoying part of the job. I had to hold the TC, and the weight of the front portion of the DS above my head with one hand, and try to line up the OS with the TC at the same time… then it wouldnt slide on. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but it finally went all the way on. now there was a rather large puddle under the tail of the TC… so I drained what was in the TC and just refilled it the right way while it was on the car. took it for a spin in a neighboring parking lot… and it felt good… cept for the fact that my carrier bearings are shot now… so the DS flops around a little bit. I haven’t launched it since the re-build… but I’m pretty sure I’ll still be able to smoke all of 1st gear. Once i get the bearings on the DS, I will get a vid. Overall this project will only cost you what you have to give a buddy for his 18 spline junk :wink:

Cliffs: If you blow your t-case… don’t waste your time with the fucking dealership. tow the fukin thing home, jack it up, pull the TC and find out what you did. If you just nuke the ass end of it, feel free to do what i did. Its super cheap to get a decent 18spline… I think all my shavings were from the big bearing behind the gear on the tail of the TC… there was hardly any casing remaining and it didn’t like to turn. ok, i’m tired. feel free to ask questions.

nice write up, and good pictures.

could come in useful sometime with my ‘playschool’ DSM tranny :wink:

Nice Jack… You are becoming a DSM’er yet…

Nice work man.:headbang:

He still needs more PVC pipe and duct tape. :cool: … nice work

nice work jack, hope to see you around in that beast now.

lol… most of you guys prolly sawe it on “the other forum” as well.

ok, im going to head there and see if anyone said anything less constructive

haha i forgot what i even told u i wanted for it :stuck_out_tongue: but yea, those metal shavings def weren’t a good thing!

wow, nasty shavings, good writeup - glad things worked out, your sig pic looks so fucking money with those wheels that it’s gotta run. i’m not through humpin those reeemz yet either :tspry:

bigger sig pic along with others:

And the wheel gap pic.

BTW - All I did was rinse the car… so don’t get on my case about how crappy it looks

woo hoo, nice work, sure it was fun :roll2: Need to see this “light up all 4” when your ready :slight_smile:

lol… next taffy’s… we’ll have to go somewhere and get vids. Its fun as hell.

Ohh!!! I wanna see. AWD Burnouts are fun.


DIY Forum?

Good job :slight_smile:

Bleeding knuckles=mechanic.

lol… those knucks are the good ones. My other hand got pretty fucked up under the car. It hurt enough for me to know want to hold the TC with it.

Then all the shavings turned into splinters when I washed my hands… thats pain. And my hands were still too dirty to see them, so I had to scrub them with the slivers… its like giving yourself a tatoo… then slapping the thing.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put it into the DIY forum… cause I didn’t have proper grammer and punctuation. I was kinda tipsy when I wrote this.

A little teaser for the AWD BURNOUT GOODNESS