Trump for POTUS *Now NYS Gov?*


And so it begins, Trump was on The Rush show last week and the neo-cons have wasted no time getting Rush to put him down. Today Rush was basically trying to make Trump look like a crazy conspiracy theory guy saying something like, “Next thing you know Trump is going to say Obama was chosen by he New World Order people to become President.” Here we go, should be an interesting next couple of years.

I do like what Trump has been saying about China and its effect on The USA. Not just a simple talking point, he really seems to get it. Who knows? We will see.


Until he gets off this birther nonsense I refuse to take him seriously as a candidate. He knows damn well it’s bunch of bullshit, and he’s just trying to pander to the hard right conspiracy theorists to get attention from the conservative media outlets. Other than that he’s actually a lot more mainstream than some of those righties you guys have out there like Bachmann.

I do like the views on health care from Trump’s 2000 book, The America We Deserve: Primary voters, probably not so much.

“We must have universal healthcare. I’m a conservative on most issues but a liberal on this one. We should not hear so many stories of families ruined by healthcare expenses.”

Trump added that the goal of health care reform should be a system that looks a lot like Canada. “Doctors might be paid less than they are now, as is the case in Canada, but they would be able to treat more patients because of the reduction in their paperwork.”


The birth certificate is a non-issue because he had a passport from another country and claimed to a foreign citizen to get financial aid in college. Therefore he could not have been a US citizen for part of his life which means he is not qualified for POTUS. So yeah you are correct.


any vid links to relevant talks he’s done recently?


Natural born citizen. Fin. Just not for 48% of Republican primary voters…keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:


Yeah the whole nonsense birther thing totally invalidates him to me, which is a shame because he has a pretty solid leadership and financial skillset that the whitehouse hasn’t seen in a long time. But he doesn’t have a shot. A candidate has to be likeable and he’s an asshole. I went to UB when he was the distinguished speaker, he’s more of an asshole than he comes of as on the apprentice. Taking shots at his ex wives all night. The man has no class. He showed it a bit during the George stephanopololoolous interview. More will come out as time goes on. He’s a genuine dick head, which serves him well at what he does but makes him an unelectable candidate. Ron Paul has a better chance and he’s like 125 years old.


Did you even read my post? He was a foreign citizen at one point at least. HE IS NOT QUALIFIED.
LMAO that you think that is proof. Next time I need my birth certificate I will tell them to go to my website.LMAO.
Why has Obama paid so much money to fight this? Keep drinking the Kool-Aid buddy.


I did read your post. He had a dual citizenship at one point that lapsed when he turned 21. Not invalidating. And I asked you for proof of your claims and got nothing.
I’ll keep drinking the Kool Aid…about 5 more years worth.


Yes it does. Look it up yourself. I find it funny you want me to show proof but you do not want the President to show his proof. Well I guess If you thought he would be a good President… your judgement… :smiley:


You people are funny. The laws of the state of Hawaii prevent the President from showing the “proof” you seek. The State Health Director, multiple Governors, both the Honolulu Star Bulletin and the Honolulu Advertiser that ran birth notices which they received directly from the state 50 years ago, the national media, etc. were all obviously involved, but where do the Illuminati and the Masons fit in?

The constitution says “Natural born citizen.” It does not say “Can’t have been born in the US, had dual citizenship in the past, and lost it.” In fact, the Constitution says nothing explicitly about dual citizenship at all.

I read everything you post in the Jesse Ventura “IT’S A CONSPIRACY” voice.


And there you have it.
Don’t Vote.


I heard he called up some of his friends in Hollywood and had that bogus thing made by the same people who made the documants in National Treasure. :wink:

This is all you need to know…


Wow what’s going on in here? lol.

Joe, are you aware the whole birther nonsense was started by Hillary’s campaign via email during the primary? :slight_smile:

… Just fanning the flames a bit…

But seriously I can’t believe he actually went and released the long form… and I’m not sure if this is a win for Trump or Obama, lol.


^Also, Philip Berg is a Democrat too. He just happens to care about The Constitution.


Hillary mentioned it, and let it go once she was satisfied with the truth. Then the racists took over.

Hopefully it’s a win for the country so everyone would STFU about this nonsense and go back to real issues like the budget. But that won’t happen.


He is buddy-buddy with Hilary so…




What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…?

Is that one of those Vegas impersonators(sp)?


Bump for Trump and this whole “will he run for Governor of New York” stuff.

I simultaneously want him to run and also hope that he doesn’t, lol.