Turbo Celica (I know, I know)

My '83 GTS with '86 22RTE from a rolled pickup (2.4 litre 4cyl. SOHC, Toyota CT20 turbo,10- 12psi.)

More photos-http://photobucket.com/albums/v737/celica83_gts/

J/Y upgrades:
-Power windows and locks
-‘84 Supra rear suspension w/ disk brakes and 4.10 LSD diff.
-Pioneer CD deck, 6.5’s in doors,5x7’s in stock rear location,10" sub
-Shifter shortened, pivot point raised
-Autometer boost and fuel pressure gauges on pillar
-DIY a/f ratio gauge
-KVR carbon fiber brake pads
-KYB gas shocks
-Holley forced induction fuel pump
-Centerforce dual friction clutch
-Complete rebuild
-.5mm overbore
-New cylinder head from Toyota
-Head, manifolds and turbo inlet matched and cleaned up as necessary
-turbo outlet enlarged and polished
-Custom 2.5" exhaust with turbomuffler
-Crane 0010 cam
-Mazda rotary intercooler with outlet modified to suit new application
-K&N air filter
-DIY manual boost controller
Coming soon- Megasquirt n’ Spark programmable EFI and ignition control

cool car never see those around

Lookin good Bob. It’s definitely going to give a few people a run for their money, even those SR boys :wink:

i remember seeing this car last year very nice!! 8)

Good Engine man. Thats a sweet find. I love the head lights on those how they just pop out a little bit. You should talk to Jason and ask for his Blitz built CT26. Im sure it rips now as it is though. :smiley: Very cool car!

Wow…that’s pretty funky looking! :slight_smile: Well done.

Lookin good. I remember seeing this car last year. Does it still have the GTS-T on it?

Thanks for the kind words guys. Good to know we can appreciate each others efforts. I may yet own a 240 one day, always looking! The rear drive configuration of these cars is what I’m used to, being a little older than most of you guys. FWD is great. (in the snow!)

Does it still have the GTS-T on it?

Yes, though it is GT-T, no S. I cut a T and a dash from another GT emblem, painted and chrome foiled the cut edges, and applied them with trim tape. Turned out very well, you have to look very close to see that it isn’t factory. I like the stock look for my cars, but the engine swap needed SOME recognition.

I love the head lights on those how they just pop out a little bit.

Those headlights were destined to be changed for the '84-'85 style front end when I first got the car. After a while the look has grown on me to the point where I prefer it now over the later ones. I’ve found that the best way to make your car more appealling to you is to make it go like hell!

Not all of us are younguns totally used to FWD. I drove RWD in the winter all the way up until about 3 years ago.

Before I got rid of it, I had an '81 Toyota Corolla that was RWD. Of course, given that it had 85 horsepower, I wanted to do a 3.8L Turbo Buick motor swap on it. I even found a shop that was willing to give it a shot, but alas, it never panned out. :smiley:

And yes…adding more parts to your car is a great way to make you fall in love with it again! :smiley: