Turbo Heat Shields


how well do they work compaired to the exhaust wrap stuff? my engine bay is getting way to hot


ceramic coat

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if you care - the cheap way to retain turbo heat :

buy 2 like sized stainless pots, a roll of heat wrap, large rivits and matching washers

pot one: cut to fit so it wraps as far around the turbo as possible - easy enough
pot two: cut the botom off so all you have left is the straight sidewalls

heat wrap, cut into strips long enought to line the inside of pot one, go double layers. if the last row at the top of the pot is to wide, fold one strip of heat wrap in half and temporarily sew it together

lay out a rivit patern on the outside of pot one, keep it neat and orderly

stack the heat wrap inside pot one, slide pot 2 inside, clamp, drill holes, rivit together, clean up any overlap of heat wrap and trim the inner pot if need be for a neat appearance

optional: install setup on turbo, then use one of the pots lids to create a filler piece around the center section to tidy everything up, retain to pots w/ either screws or rivits


We have Turbonetics heat shields in stock. They work failry well at keeping the engine bay temps down.

Boosted Tiburon... IN NEED OF HELP PLEASE...

A Turbo Blanket is the best route for heat insulation other than a coating like Jet Hot.

SS dyno results...holy shit!

i eventually want to get everything ceramic coated by my car is my DD right now so that wont be happening till i get another

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Jet Hot 2K would be fine for the turbine, downpipe etc.

We are a Jet Hot ‘dealer’ . I will offer 10% off of the list prices at JH for coating.