Turns out they can...

…pull you over for driving a shitty car. Got pulled over in the Tercelica on the way home from work doing 52 in 55 as I struggled to meet the speed limit, looked at the roof and car were like :bloated: held my license/registration. Didn’t even bother checking it, pointed at the inspection said get it fixed and walked off. Then proceded to pull someone over less than a mile away.

Also as funny as the night a cheektowaga cop pulled me over right into my own driveway. :tup:


X… :lol:

was it you that saiod their inspection is like 9 months over due ? lol

Are any of your cars inspected? I can’t remember if the Probe is, I know SB isn’t.

Probe is the only one inspected. Tercel’s expired in oct of 04’

If it does not pass inspection…take someone elses sticker :lol:

Devin, thats an open invitation to steal his. Less do eet.

Or I could just have the probe reinspected. :wink:

atleast there was no ticket

OMG if i get pulled over im fucked, i have to renue my license still, my inspection was up in june, bald tires (they look like slicks), busted exhast lol…damn…I B fuxored mang.