The condom broke and now I’m the father of twins… :hitit:

… But seriously, since my stock turbos decided to start to crap out on me, I decided it was time to upgrade.

Box shot of some the new parts & new downpipes;

Stock downpipes with pre-cats… can you say restrictive?


:lol: @ you having sex


FYI: I threw the abstinence thing out about a year ago… :wink:


they are so cute!

but they are pretty nasty together…

I need #'s ? What are you looking to achieve?

Pretty sure in FD/Supra range on Pump gas. :wink:



Good Luck with the turbos :tup:

Don’t forget, low boost :tup:

are those custom down pipes…brand??? Stillen ???

Nice, should be a fun car when its done. What the estimated completion date/guess?

Made by Greg Dupree @ :tup:

I’m shooting for Dyno day this Sunday, but more like Monday.

buy some EM and really have some fun :tup:

bout time!


very nice looking turbos…wish i had the money to upgrade as well. your car will def. move now once its done i want to run you so i can see the improvement over where im at now

:tup: right on, good luck with it. get er done and get er dynoed again :slight_smile:


Good stuff!

Disco Potatoes?