It's done...


That is fucking gorgeous. Props man, soooooo clean. :tup: :tup:

na all spray?


looks dangerous!

gj man :beer: :tup:

:tspry: u need 2 of the big bottles :wink:
nice job looks clean as hell!

u got enough NOS in that to blow urself up

sweet fancy moses

very sexy

Yep…turbos are for women.:slight_smile:


Oi, shes a beauty.


nice very clean.

:headbang: :eek: :eek: :headbang:
I love it.

Damn dood super clean, but turbos aren’t for women… :stuck_out_tongue:

good lord


wow thats clean as hell…huge :tup:

Looks clean as hell but you need a snail


awesome line


I could put a turbo on it pretty easily but then I would only be able to run a little bit of nitrous. I’ll have just as much power with the nitrous as I would be able to with a turbo without any of the lag (except what my progressive controller puts in).


good god, time to change my pants

Woah… :tspry:

Did you build the motor for the spray or is it stock?