uh yea

so like, i’m Zer0DazE

i’m a mod… as in i am not a square daddy-o

i drive an extremely rare car

a red turbo eg, i know, i know… your thinking. gee, i have never seen one of those. that’s because i have the only one in existence.

i hate on dsms, even though most of the parts under my hood came off of one.

i tune cars, they go fast, and people give me money. i like that.

i don’t like house. the only reason people listen to it, is because they can’t dance to jungle.

oh, and i like beer.


You don’t like beer…

dude, say that again, and i will hit you.

what about booty house?

that shit is bonkers rofl


I think it is very possible to dance to jungle, maybe you just don’t got’s the moves?!!1!!

lol like what, the robot?

i heard some small azn kid can do the robot straight up like bender from futurama

i didnt say i cant dance to jungle, i said the only people who like house are poeple who cant dance to jungle… and i hate house.

i have was going to parties before you were out of grade skool. i can remember when you didnt know where a venue was until 2 hours before that shit started. (we are going back 12 years)


Mr. ZeroDaze is the man :wink:

bump :gotme:


everyone say hi to john he is new to this site


That poor Red EG, it has been whored everywhere now.

Someone has your password???

So you’re the guy that ripped off Beck right? :rx3:

nope, that was newman

thanks for playing