Uhh... is Celino and Barnes no more?

Because I was driving on the 190 and I saw :

The Barnes Group

or something to that effect, and just that Barnes guy’s shiny bald head…

did they have a breakup or something?

Yea, Celino cheated on Barnes…quite the mess.

poor Barnes


yeah i heard it on wham… THE BARNES GROUP, your injury attourny

bla blah 20 20

They were giving money away to thier clients before the verdict was achieved or something along those lines…



Oh snap

Shady lawyer assholes…

afaik, telling the clients they would win xMillion, and then would give them the xMillion, but the settlements would be much higher and they would just pocket the remainder

no… basically they would win 1 million, and tell the client “if you need the money quick, call this guy”

That guy was celino’s cousin, who would say "you sign me the check for 1 mill and ill give you say 400k right now…

and people would do it cause they are stupid greedy fuckers

They were basically giving out loans for a possible settlement or verdict before the case was over. (My understanding of it)

The billboard changes were part of the ruling on the case against them.


serves em right for that stupid song.

damn… i leave for not even a month and look WTF happens… :shakes head:

Cellino is suspended from practicing law for 6 months and Barnes was just “warned”.

Their home office is in Akron.

Akron… representin. And you guys thought all we had was cows.

I have also heard that another one of cellinos relatives owns the chiropractic center that they have been referring all of thier clients to, although its not part of this case that I know of.

yeah i saw thtat too on the 400 the other week…lol

umm, i doubt that is illegal, refering someone to a doctor you know is what nearly every doctor does! A refferal is to go see someone who should know what they’re talking about something specific. It would only be illegal if like, the relative was going to court to testify just to benefit celino and barnes.

It’s illegal because they DID have an unfair benefit.
Picture this:
Poor person gets hit by bus on east side.
Goes to see 3 different lawyers.
One of them tells them if you sign on as their client you can talk out with a check for half a million dollars.
Which one do you sign on with? Do you really check out the interest rates?
Money talks. They were loan sharking their clients and giving them a false sense of security about the prospects of winning their case.

Cellino and Barnes

The injury attorneys

Call 8 4 5 2 0 2 0

ughhhhh i have that song in my head for at least 5 hours a day

BAsically …Cellino and Barnes were lending money to their clients in-house, and then charging insane interest at ~35% which is illegal…they were supposed to refer low income clients/or clients that would be unable to pay their fees to places like Plantiff Support Services, which is a group of disbarred lawyers who lend money to plantiffs…Cellino and Barnes(the firm) had a total of 18 counts against them. Cellino is suspended for 6 months and his name and picture had to be removed from all advertisements, hence ‘The Barnes Firm’ billboards plastered all over…