Uhoh, Jason Muscat part II

I guess its my turn :roll:

I remember you. The bunch of jelous fuckheads, wishing you had my car, too bad. I’m there all the time come and say hi one time, I’d LOVE to have a chat with you. Kids! The gas I use is worth more than your car. LOL.

I guess this is response to me saying that he painted over his lights, and laughing.

… He’s not very good at picking car’s to harass.

Maybe you’ve been written, i got the email yesterday, but i didnt notice till today because it got put in my junk folder.


if his gas is worth more than our cars, and he drives the same car, isnt his gas then worth more than his own car?

i r not that good at algebra though…lol

this guy sound like a monumental tool

doesnt he realise that his car is slow and certianly not as fast as turbocharged cars?

yup I got one too I just ignored it. I don’t have the time or energy to waste on someone who obviously doens’t have a clue, and is mearly attempting to flash his overinflated ego off to the rest of us.

I don’t car what his car has, will have, or doesn’t have. I’m not going to do anything about it. because someone who has to make such a big deal about it is obviously trying to make up for some other short comming.

I’m not envious of whatever he drives. I don’t even have a working 240 right now. I drive a mazda mx6 beater (that is rusting damnit) Whoop-dee-doo. I’m proud of what I have, what I have done, and that I like it. geck anyone who says differently.


This is in Members, he can’t see this.

He is proud of his crappy car cause its the only thing in life that doesn’t
make fun of him.

He immediately switched to the defensive when he learned Greg’s car was turbo. Tried to get all buddy-buddy…
“hey I did nat know you were turbo omfg i cant race you now my valve cover is in the preskool classroom, they are putting the finishing touches on it but ran out of red #2 crayola. Even though I cussed you out, put your e-mail on my site for public display, etc. I’d like to see your engine bay, let’s meet up best friend.”

Now he’s trying to find other people to talk sh1t to in further ultra-lame attempts to impart his superior nissan performance installation skills on them.

Can someone please post his email address so we can email him a bunch of crap too.

its on his site.

Who the hell is Jason Muscat?

He is SON’s very own late night Drifter

:roll: :roll:

His email address is jbm240sx@hotmail.com

This is also his MSN address

The password to his hotmail / MSN is “ilovegtgreg”


Why do you people wanna bug him by e-mail?

Let the guy talk smack and let the people he talks to deal wit him.

Now i got a reason to deal wit this bombaclat!!
part 3, i got a email to, telling me ive never seen him in sauga.
Im starting to think its somewhat a fake, somebody is trying to make him look like a goofball…because i’ve seen him at partsource and timmies several times with his gay friends in their “supped” up grand prix’s and shit…lol

Time will tell, i guess we’ll see if its really him at the meet, or if its a fake and a no-show…I think the mods should check the IP, see if it matches with any other members on son???

But if its real, I cant wait to here him to shit to my face and several others.
Hes got big balls, ill admit that, but at 4 foot nothing, with tight jeans, he doesn’t stand a chance…

So uh, what time is the meet? :stuck_out_tongue:

The son account is not him.
It is a fake account, why else would the ‘new’ site be posted by him.
He is real, and im quite sure all his emails are real.

everything about this guy is real.

cept for his “new” site.

we should all go…

he sent me an email tho saying he doesnt want to race and that he didnt know iu was turbo.

so basicly the guy is a big shittalking panzie ass.


I’m in.

I am in.

There a time to show up?

If we can get a baby sitter, yeah Im in for this too! I know it’s on the 23rd but where and what time again?

I hate shit talkers who don’t know what there saying or who they are talking about. Know your shit before talking smack. I personally don’t care if he did’nt know Greg was turboed or not, he should’nt have run his mouth off.

It’s things like that this that have always irked me even back in my street racing days at Milley’s. I guess some things never change.

Nah bring the kids. This can be a family affair.