Unity 2020

If you’ve been following Bret Weinstein lately, you’ve heard of this. I’m 100% on board.

Yep he mentioned this on Joe Rogan’s podcast a few weeks ago. He should stick to evolutionary biology because this shit won’t work, lol. IMO he doesn’t fully understand the system and why things are setup the way they are.

First, the premise that neither side is enthusiastic about their candidate is wrong. You can read more HERE.

Second, the idea comes way too late in the process.

Third, unity governments SUCK for reasons we can get into later if people really want to.

Fourth, a unity government couldn’t interact with congress as intended.

I could probably keep going here.

Just like the Marxists, stop trying to reinvent the wheel. No system is perfect.

I think that a Kanye West / Raz Simone ticket would be unstoppable.

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I think that is a noble idea to get more people involved in politics but a 3rd party never gains enough support. Whomever the next president is, it’s going to be a shit show. Capitalism is the answer, but it takes work. Tribalism is easy, and it is the default human response to challenges.

We do have more than 2 parties, but nobody talks about Libertarians.
Facetime on TV and news networks gets you ratings. NY has some of the worse covid numbers in the world, but you can’t blame the Gov.

I will also say, that my vote could be bought with a free AR and no safe act implications.
(even that would not turn NY red)

They have a provision that if this turns out to not be viable they pull the plug so it doesn’t go to a wasted vote, which I thought was pretty cool.

Unfortunately the Libertarian Party is a wasted vote (I voted for Gary Johnson last election because it was better than Trump or Clinton). They don’t put forth any candidates that can compete with the manpower or funding that the two major parties have.

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Voting in New York is a wasted vote because of Downstate New York. I’ll still vote 3rd party as the more that do, the more it shows we want more than this stupid 2 party system we are being force fed with bullshit candidates.

Want better candidates to run, we need to stop allowing the bullying/bashing of the other person running against you. Who in their right mind wants to subject themselves and their entire family to political bashing? The pick their entire family and lives apart which in my eyes does nothing for the american people besides show we have 2 massive bullies running for office. (while the majority of the US is fighting bullying in schools) lol
Imagine what these campaigns would look like if they couldn’t talk trash about the other side… Trump wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

Or we need people with thicker skin and stronger convictions. Character assassination, “yellow journalism”, etc have been around since the start of the country. It has always been there, but now your access to it has improved.

IMO I’d like to see platform for political debate without any personal attacks. That’s why when I made Politisuck back-in-the-day that we had a “Flinging Poo” section that included the personal, as well as a “Debate” section that included policy. I wanted to separate the two.

It’s also worth noting that you always have the personal, individual decision to ignore or discount personal attacks & arguments based only on emotion. It’s good practice to try this out when in the political sphere or on social media.