Some bad habits for Unix and also some nifty little little tricks to help you through some tasks.

Most people have no use for this and some people might already know most of them but a decent read IMO.

Definitely handy. I knew a good amount of those, but have fallen into “bad” usage…

Where was don’t login as root…

certainly are not bad tips, sorta useful sorta not

in the “Unix for Dummies” handbook as rule #1

I enjoy reading other peoples .bash_history files and seeing stupid shit they do…

you know what really bugs me that a co-worker does? when he is cd’ng through directories, he always does individual cd’s

random example:

cd /home
cd username
cd Documents
cd …
cd Desktop

god, just use the tab complete man!!!

If you didn’t know that one, chances are the sysadmin isnt going to give you the root password.

Hahaha I do that.