UPS dropped this off today

The header should be in by the end of the week, and eventually be on my car in a couple weeks.

what brand?

^^lol word

ive seen a lot of bent pipe before

what is it

BLING! Regardless, it’s shiny… Skunk should like it.

why would i like it???

Because it shines, moron… You love shiny objects.

Type One Racing. Its 2.5" all the way. Stainless with a titanium tip.


HEHEH ahh HEHEHEHE HAHAA AHHHH :headbang: :eek: :stuck_out_tongue:

big muffler, big resonator, and 2.5". reminds me of mine :slight_smile:

should be nice and quiet

Haha, yea :wink:

nice! and u didn’t call me!? u get an F! :stuck_out_tongue:

Werd…when are we putting it on?

Well, It won’t bolt on to the stock cat, so I have to wait until I get the new cat in and have the flanges welded on. Any reccomendations of where to have the cat done?

nice buy! …visits from the UPS man are always nice

i wish fedex would drop off my shit…it’s supposed to be here today…but the tracking info sucks…!!!

why wont it bolt to the stock cat? the flanges should be the same… only the pipes diameter will be different

Yep, your right, I don’t know why I was thinking the flanges would be different. Well, gonna go to Home Depot and get some stainless nuts and bolts.

nice man!

A pic of the cat-back on

Heres a short clip

cool man :tup: