urban explorers on Discovery - exploring buffalo

just turned it on and they are currently hitting up the buffalo central terminal !

yeah I saw that… it was actually pretty sweet!

what the hell, that group with dr dos and all is on DISCOVERY

thats bonkers, i thought all they did was take pictures of poorly lit hallways and then photoshop in ghosts later

wow :tup:

yeah, saw that too, cool stuff

I’m pissed that i missed that, i love that building.

like, on tv? what is discovery, the discovery channel?

dude i know as much as you do, but it sounds like they were on the discovery channel :gotme:


yea … the discovery CHANNEL

smoke pole creepy :lol:

you never have any ho-ho’s at your house :tdown:

EDIT: i hate these goofass smilies… i mean, i’m lolering a bit but i’m NOT laughing that hard, it was more like a ‘heh’ kind of thing. i am not crying and pounding the floor by any means. that’s like speedball lolerskatin right there

EDIT2: angry mod my ass you posted a chick shitting in her own mouth :chef:

EDIT3: thankfully, the chromatic resemblance between poo and ho-ho is close enough to extinguish my desire to roffle down some of those sugar fatball little debbie turds you never seem to have

dont cry about the smilies in my tread bitch … ill ask the “angry moderator” to edit your post !