Urethane Exhaust Hangers

I’m doing an order on these since i’ve been out of stock for like a year…

$15 per pack of 2… free shipping if added to another order.

Same stuff as Circuit Sport / Megan / Mystery Ebay Seller

Any takers?

Bing free with purchase of isis dd ? lol

NO… but we can work something out… first you have to purchase the exhaust though :slight_smile:

dont be a cheap ass lol… but you cant go wrong they are exhaust hangers… and they are polyurethane… they work lol. The only product i purchaesd from bing but its awesome haha :smiley:

ok so i got the exhaust do i get mounts now lol

Bing, How big are the holes?
(no pun intended)

I bought a few recently and paid WAY more and the holes are slightly bigger than the stock ones.

These are pretty tight, i usually have to lube up before putting them on… srsly.

but that was the last time i had them, which was a while ago.


are they hard as rock?

not quite… you wants? i has

Bing, I’m looking for 6. Do you have that many in stock? PM or email largerpictures at gmail dot com

yes i do… why would you need pics…lol

i dont have anything other than what is in post 8.

LOL - that’s my email account (largerpictures at gmail dot com). I’ll take six - send me your etransfer or paypal info.

Just thought id say since installing them, they are still like new. These haven’t melted or broken like some similar plasticky ones… in fact im trying to find some for my mazda 3 as the factory ones with the aftermarket exhaust are poop… the car is lowered and rubs as the exhaust hangs kinda… the only ones i saw for mazdas were breaking/snapping/melting with adventureish driving

i can get mazda 3 3-piece exhuast hanger kits from the same supplier… $60.

Is it the whole kit, every exhaust bushuing. All I know is there are some that look like ours and there is a few that are like an H or something a bit different/unique.

I forget how to pay you/etc… paypal? Email money transfer? i have a mazda 3 with a mazdaspeed3 exhaust

it’s this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Mazda-3-04-08-EPDM-OEM-Spec-Exhaust-Hanger-Kit-3-pcs-/390228911582?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&vxp=mtr&hash=item5adb74a5de4

so… i wana buy from u not ebay :slight_smile: How do you want the moneys? PM me