Valentino Rossi's New AGV helmet Protype "Project 46"

I’m not really a Rossi fan, but the helmet looks interesting heres hoping the air flow and noise level on the GP-Tech improves.
Even HJC’s RSP-10 beats AGV GP-tech on noise level.

As well as getting to test his new Ducati GP12 at Sepang, Valentino Rossi also got the chance to test out a vicious looking prototype AGV helmet.
Rossi wore the helmet on Day 1 of the Sepang test before reverting to his ‘Marco Simoncelli Tribute Helmet‘ later on in the test.
The new AGV prototype helmet, which we will nickname ’46 Project’, as that was written down the side, was completely black, with an extended spoiler on the rear, that is presumably designed to help with aerodynamics and ensuring that wind resistance is more effectively passed over the rider. The visor looked wider, and the chin of the helmet also looked more aggressive and shaped.
When trying the new prototype helmet on, it is reported that Rossi said: “wow, it’s like being at the movies!”