Vegas Shooting


in case you haven’t seen the news this morning…


this is a big one.

largest kill count, standing at 50 now and likely to rise. this is definitely an escalation of mass shootings given that he was in Vegas, at a concert with one of the biggest country stars in the world on stage. there is video of the moment it started happening.

perched from an advantageous location and going full auto.

this could have been worse. the guy likely killed himself when he ran out of ammo. if he had of just brought one more bag up there would be another 20-30 dead.

will be interesting to see what this does to Mandalay Bay. I’ve stayed there many times.


He killed himself when the police breached the door to his room. From the sounds of it he wasn’t going to run out of ammo any time soon. I did see someone report they were able to figure out what room it was quickly because all the gun smoke set off the smoke detector.

64 year old white guy who lives in a retirement village with his Asian GF. Waiting to her a motive. I saw ISIS is claiming he’s a recent convert and they’re claiming responsibility but have provided zero proof.


Very fucked up.


Called my buddy early this morning, he’s a LVMPD detective…it’s a mess there from what he said. Everyone we know there is safe at least. Either this guy acquired very illegal weapons or went crazy and had very hard to acquire legally weapons. Either way I’m ready for the knee-jerk reaction that will most certainly occur.




Bunch of friends there, I almost went but thankfully went to Europe instead. The videos they sent were some of the scariest shit i’ve ever seen. Full auto shooter from a top floor (in the mandalay bay section, not the 4 seasons above room) with thousands of rounds of ammo. He must have brought in suitcases full. Video sounded like both an AK and AR involved from what I can hear. Obviously very pre-meditated. Keep contesting every law that tries to limit high-capacity mags though…this shit doesn’t happen with 6 rounds at a time.


So the law about not shooting people wasn’t enough?


The law about not shooting people doesn’t apply until you start shooting people. So no.


So what arbitrary size on magazines would like to see?

What size prevents someone from shooting into a trapped crowd for 10+ minutes from an elevated position…

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People keep running people over crowds with uHaul trucks background checks for those?

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Can we ban alcohol?? way more people die in the US from that each year vs “large” magazines.


And there’s the constant NRA party line that they’ve spent billions to push. “There are other ways people can use to kill people so let’s ignore this huge gaping hole in current statutes.” Nobody has ever killed or injured that many with a truck. In Nevada, this dude can walk into stores and buy everything he used here with no permit, registration, license, etc. and the authorities can’t do shit until he starts firing. Absolutely not acceptable.

People can use a fully auto machine gun to kill people, should it be legal to possess an A-bomb then? Or Sarin gas?


Trying to build policy from outlier events…

I’m also fairly certain you don’t walk into any store and buy anything fully automatic.

If your sincere at least push banning handguns :lol:


There are legitimate reasons for owning a handgun for self-defense that simply don’t apply to high-capacity mags. What legit reason do you need for a 100 round drum mag as a civilian? Because it’s fun? Is that actually worth it? If this guy got pulled over driving into the mandalay bay and everything is in full view, I don’t know that there’s anything you can charge him with until he starts shooting, unless the cop fires the weapon and sees it’s been modified to full auto. Maybe not even that if it’s a pre-1986 weapon. You think that’s OK?

The videos sound like 100 round mags being unloaded, pause for 30 seconds or so, then happens again and again.


So 100 is large and bad…

30, 18, 12 come standard in lots of guns are those less bad?

The bullshit argument you make is here is from outlier events…If you’re actually sincere you would look to target handguns in places like Chicago.

Yes I think people are innocent until they commit a crime what a weird concept…There are 256+ million guns in America how many of those were used in crimes.

NY banned larger magazines has there been any impact on gun deaths? CA did the same thing no impact there either…

It’s almost like if you make something illegal people who are going to do something insane don’t care.


Yes. 10 is less bad than those and 6 is less bad than 10, if maybe a bit excessive. There’s no self-defense or hunting case to be made that I’ve heard that requires the ability to pop off dozens of rounds at a time…weapons like that are designed for one thing and it’s what this guy did. If he’s firing 6 to 10 rounds at a time this is maybe 1/10 as bad by the time they get to him or maybe he gets caught with contraband before.


I saw a facebook post saying that the victims were paid actors and this is part of the mind control by the new world order.

Her name on FB is Roxi Love, if you’re interested.


:io: rolls eyes here we go.

Obama was the best gun salesman ever. Curious to see how this plays out from that perspective with our current administration.

In no way shape or form am I glossing over the fact that this was an immense tragedy. RIP to all those who were killed and condolences to friends and family.

What a crazy world we live in.


I can give you lots of cases where trained police officers fired off 10+ rds trying to stop someone and missed with all of them…

This is also really confusing but you can go online and order cocaine, heroine, hookers, or whatever else you think if someone wanted they couldn’t obtain 100rd banned magazine?


Because itd be impossible to make a 30+ round mag in your garage with some sheet metal and a spring.


So your argument is that laws aren’t 100% effective so there shouldn’t be any?