Vegas Shooting


My point is trying build policy around outlier/fringe events isn’t good practice or useful or effective.


Totally possible. Shouldn’t be totally legal though. In areas controlled by the NRA there is no legal means to stop a person like this until the first shot is fired. Too late.

Fringe events should drive policy to the point that people learn from their mistakes. Do you think that securing plane cockpit doors after 9/11 was frivolous too?


So if it’s illegal people won’t do it?


Back in circles we go. Asked and answered. I’m out. Anything remotely political on this site these days is a waste of my time.


Gun laws and regulations only effect those who abide by them. Criminals don’t give fuck about laws or regulations. My opinion only, but I think the laws just make it harder for law abiding citizen to effectively stop a threat made to himself or others when law enforcement isn’t around. Like LZ said, I’ve seen dozens of video of police unloading 15 rounds to only hit the suspect once.


Its simple problem solving…but instead of using logic to problem solve you use emotions

There are tons of scary AR15s in America and tons of 30+ magazines which make up what some fractional percentage of gun crimes.


Not to mention when a cop encounters some freak on PCP. 6 rounds won’t do it.


They are called crisis actors and they do exist. :slight_smile: There are actual victims too.


OK, simple problem. How do you stop these before the first shot is fired? Any answer that has no recourse until that point is unacceptable. I proposed criminalizing possession of the tools used in the worst of cases with the intent of making it much harder to acquire such a stockpile and giving law enforcement a means to lock up people who do so before they have the chance to use it. You propose doing nothing.


You came back :lol:

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I propose stronger mental health programs…I also propose mandatory minimums for anyone using a gun in a commission of a crime.

Guess what neither of those things have any impact on outlier events however would put big dent in gun deaths.

If this person truly did use a legally purchased machine gun in the crime then the current laws are working because there are handful of those events since NFA laws were setup.

Beyond that we could save a lot of people banning bars, alcohol, pools, stairs, knives, and a ton of other arbitrary things.

I’m sure your idea of banning any magazine larger than 6rds would have an impact…It’s almost like nobody has performed research on this concept…oh wait…

Using the only data available with which to make a direct test of the LCM lethalityhypothesis, we are unable to find any effect of LCMs or the Federal LCM ban on lethalitymeasured as the number of murders, the murder rate, the number of gun homicides, the gunhomicide rate, or deaths and injury caused by public shootings. Large capacity magazines appearto have little to do with homicide, public or private, and laws banning these products apparentlyhave no effect


If a priest touches 50 little boys can we ban all religion? For the children.


can anyone provide a link as to whether autmatic weapons are or are not allowed in Nevada?

need it for internet arguing :slight_smile:

it’s really unfortunate that gun control wont work in the US. clearly, not matter what your values are, less guns equals less gun crime as evidenced by the fact that most other nations with stricter gun controls have less gun crime.

but because guns are so common in the US any genuine solution is a multi-generational one. there is no reasonable policy that will create a dramatic reduction in gun crimes in the short term (read, 4 years or less).

gun ownership is a part of american freedom and american culture. I like it… but this is the cost.


You can buy fully automatic weapons in Nevada but its not easy or cheap.

The US has a problem with drugs and poverty in urban areas which is the major cause of gun crime…beyond that the suicide rate with firearms which is a mental health issue. The rate of suicide with a gun is double homicide with a gun which circles back to the mental health piece.

Cities/States need to look at how they treat crimes locking up low level drug offenses vs letting people who commit crimes with guns go. Mandatory minimum if you commit a crime with firearm.



Full auto weapons have been illegal to own since the 1930’s. There are few that are allowed to possess them and the qualifications for such is not something you can send away for in the mail. This event is a horrible tragedy, no doubt. I don’t have, use, or have need magazines over 10 rounds. Others do. While its obvious this guy used mags with possibly even a higher capacity than 30 rounds, his intentions and the reason for why he did what he did are the issue. No gun, knife, explosive, vehicle, airplane, etc. has ever harmed anyone. People kill people, intentionally or otherwise.
You can keep blaming the NRA for all the gun problems in this country. The NRA isn’t one person, it’s a group that speak on behalf of its members to defend rights of its members. Barring some exceptions, members are not fanatics, murderers, criminals, or anarchists. They simply want to retain the right to defend themselves and families, and their private property, from criminals and a government that seems to be reaching ever further into the lives of its citizens.


“If only we had strict gun laws like Paris/France/TheMajorityOfEurope!!!”

Oh wait, weren’t 90 people just killed with assault rifles in Paris just a couple years ago?

But yes, please continue #FakeNewsing how this is a #MadeInAmerica only issue.


some pretty gut-wrenching accounts in here:


$1 he didnt have an auto weapon, but something with slide fire or the like.


It almost sounded like 2 different guns firing at the same time.


any of you guys seeing the various videos of the firing coming from the 4th floor (approximately) as opposed to the 32nd floor as reported?

doesnt seem to match the images shown of the two windows