Vegas Shooting


Any info on this full auto weapon? almost sounded belt fed?


I just watched his brothers interview on tv, almost looked fake. The brother is so calm about it, doesn’t seem as shocked as he should be.

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And why do they keep showing a picture of the guy with his eyes closed, it’s like a candid picture, it doesn’t really show how he normally looks.


Some holier than holy Canadian got into on FB preaching about gun control, Bing I need you to give me a good insult that uses maple syrup and apologetic humor.


About that…

If this guy drove a truck through the crowd he probably would have killed more people.


try this quote i got a ton of likes for with some ROC dudes :slight_smile:

and in context, when you go up the hierarchy it is ultimately American’s with guns that are protecting everyone else. By that i mean the US military as World Police, which they are.


I read unsubstantiated reports of slide fire with Surefire 60 round mags


AP is reporting he had two weapons with bump stocks


About that…[/QUOTE]


To me that just looks like one of the millions of Vegas lights flashing off the glass.


The people who protest the police want those same cops to go door to door taking guns from people. Here’s a plan that will solve at least one problem. Make the people who want strict gun control be the ones that have to go knocking on doors. The problem will sort itself out in no time at all. We live in an age where you can LITERALLY 3d print parts for an assault rifle in your kitchen. Ban them, and the only people who will have them are the ones intent on doing harm.

People freak out after events like these because of the randomness of it. No one wants to think that they could be killed at a concert. Almost the same number of people are murdered in Chicago each month, but because they weren’t all killed at once, no one cares (or because they were Black, which is more likely).

Guns are the weapon of choice because the news does nothing but talk about how effective they are at killing people. Little do people know-- the fact that this guy used guns and not some other tool probably saved a lot of lives. You dont just buy a gun and become a proficient killing machine. You have to be able to actually hit targets. This guy was a pilot and had 2 airplanes. He could have filled his airplane with gasoline cans and flew it straight into the crowd, killing EVERYONE.


We were talking about the weird and inconsistent rate of fire in the video’s yesterday. I said it sounded like one of those old hand crank gatling guns (while knowing it wasn’t that). A bump stock makes sense. It was too fast and consistent to be someone repeatedly pulling the trigger but it wasn’t fast and consistent enough to be a true full auto conversion.

+1 to being lucky he didn’t rig up a plane and fly it into the crowd.

Still no release of a motive huh? Shocked he didn’t leave some kind of manifesto. He obviously put a lot of time into planning this. Just getting that many long guns into a suite without raising any suspicion must have taken some planning.


Im not sure there was as much time planning as we think. He had bomb making materials but didn’t go through with the bomb portion. That makes me think either A. He couldn’t figure out how to make it or B. He ran out of time.


The whole story seems crazy, I’ve read he’s a wealthy individual possibly a millionaire?


Id think getting that much ammo up there would be the real challenge.


Idk… 2 large rolling travel bags…


Have some of you never been to Vegas? Its literally luggage carts all day there.

I teach every summer at Mandalay or Ceasars and usually bring 2-3 huge pelican cases across the casino floor nobody says anything.

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I have seen random posts about him recording everything from inside the hotel room maybe there is a manifesto or something?


Maybe, but at the rate info normally leaks to the media I would think if it existed we would have heard about it already. The lack of any social media posts or live streaming from the shooter is the biggest reason I don’t believe ISIS’s claim of responsibility. The other side of that is, at least from what I’ve read, the guy wasn’t the unsuccessful loser type that would be angry with the world and want to go out while hurting as many people as possible. I’m sure the investigation will turn something up though.


Well pics of the guns and the shooter dead just leaked so who knows


Osama Bin Laden was a millionaire too.

So was the underwear bomber.


This definitely has signs of a false flag operation.