Vegas Shooting


I don’t want to be a conspiracy theory guy on this, but it makes very little sense at this point…


Can confirm they are authentic. Have seen many people IRL with serious head trauma. You cant fake clotting blood like those pictures show. Also the carpet is a match.


Speaking of conspiracies, everyone on the left says Trump is fascist & literally Hitler but Trump’s not using this tragedy to disarm his political enemieslike Hitler did. Weird.




NSFL. Youve been warned



honestly I expected it to be more gnarly


its more gnarly on the other side of his head. Lol.





Bump stocks on ar-15’s


How did the gun end up above his head on the ground. It looks like he shot himself in the head through the mouth?

So wouldn’t the gun full near his feet? I imagine he was standing up when he did it.


You think cops wouldn’t clear the scene and move it away…


Well i thought you’re not supposed to touch anything in a crime scene, also usually when someone shoots themselves in the head, they just die.

No need to move the weapon away from the dead person.


You mean when they blew the door up and rushed in not knowing his status lol

All of you conspiracy people think about this…Casinos some have some the best facial recognition on the planet and more cameras per square foot then almost anywhere on earth…


Insert Clint Eastwood quote here.


It’s also very possible a different gun (IE: hand gun) was used to take his own life. They said there were a bunch of guns in the room. Leaks are only showing 2 right now.


Hes referring to the hand gun next to his blown up head. you probably didnt click the NSFL link



“Paddock was well aware of the movements of the police, too. As the Mail reports, “he had cameras set up in the hallway so he would know when authorities arrived. Paddock continued to fight even as police breached his room – firing through the front door at officers. But by the time the SWAT team finally made it into the room, Paddock had killed himself.””

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There is some crazy video out there


Anyone else a little shocked at how many people just continued standing around? Or like at 40 seconds in on that video above where the couple is just casually strolling away to the sound of machine gun fire?