Vegas Shooting


So first they said they killed him then they said he killed himself? Save the watch!(The bullshit is getting deep.)


It’s possible that it was unclear. If he was shooting through the door, and police were shooting back and/or breaching with open fire, then it may not have been clear if it was self-inflicted or not.


Whats is the blurry item on the table with the masking tape.

Guy looked like kind of a dweeb…white socks :rolleyes:


A note possibly?


Yes, a note, but the black and silver object is what I am referring to


What are you an idiot? Its obviously a nose hair trimmer. Geez.


Route 91 festival on 10-1… or… 9-11-01


The stacks of magazines by the pillar. Surefire 100 round. There is thousands of dollars worth of magazines alone in that room. I’m pro 2a- these should be illegal. Absolutely no reason to have them.



I’m pro 2A but :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


There are police recordings about the 4th floor shooter.

If there is anything we have learned about the FBI in the last year… believe NOTHING they say.


I have many questions.


You can see in this crazy fucked up video that the shooter was NOT on the 32nd floor.

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At 5:00mins you can see it and she says “about the 10th floor” at 6:15.

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Sorry but what you are being told by MSM and FBI is 100% BULLSHIT.

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We know Comey and the FBI lied to us, end of story. Are you going to believe more of their BS stories or your own eyes?


yea that’s pretty solid footage at 5:00min.

same as what i posted but more conclusive…

*edit - jesus christ when the people get into that cab hurt and screaming… wow



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The fact that the FBI are basically saying this thing is wrapped up in hours but the same agency can’t come to a decision about Russia and Trump more than a year later. Fucking bullshit!
I hate to say it but… Wake up America! Seriously.

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I have to think most people on here would admit that the US government lies and kills people. Fair enough?
Why do you dig your heels in and take their side during events like this?
Hitler said something about the bigger the lie the easier it is for people to believe it. (paraphrasing)


I’m pretty open minded about the possibility of the government or MSM lying to us but I viewed your video here and it even let’s you slow the speed down to 1/4 speed, and the light flash seems to start before the gun shots are heard. It could be the audio not being accurate to the video or maybe it’s something else.


it could be that light travels faster than sound. or so i’ve heard.

i’ve seen a dozen videos showing that gun fire from the centre of the building and nothing from up on 32nd.

i’d like to see what the official word is on this… i have a feeling it will be ‘internal fires’.


This belongs here:


**Warning… this video is intense.

watch this video from 0:30 as the camera pans across Mandalay. Clearly you can see 2 windows flashing with gun fire and actually i think for a flicker you can see a third up near where the 32nd floor might be.

there isnt much sound which could suggest the windows are always doing that but maybe this phone just isnt picking up the sound at this distance.

that one window on the 7th or 10th floor is always flashing… so maybe that counts out that it is gun fire.

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not embedding this one… oh my god. be careful. this is a video of a man going body to body in the aftermath.


Gun community is losing its mind over the fact those Surefire mags don’t feed AT ALL, EVER.