Buffalo Mass Shooting @ Tops

Editing because…it’s literally an angry white kid in body armor.

yikes… this is the kind of thing that leads to crackdowns.

dude livestreamed it and drove hours to get there… terrible.

Kind of in poor taste?

On a side note, not really sure this story should be in this thread.

Why do none of these kinds of shootings ever result in a crackdown on pharmaceutical drugs used and rhe doctors that prescribe them?

If the guy was not local, it only highlights how NY restrictions make the public less safe.


I have his 180 page manifesto but can’t attach it because it’s almost 30MB.


Guessing this will get removed pretty quickly.

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i dont even want to read it. I saw that he copy/pasted from the NZ one and have seen a few passages. that’s enough for me.

really, as someone who has been exposed to all the same info, i can say that young guys like this just need to know / meet / have as a resource other men like us who have seen the same info and instead of acting out we fortify and have our 2.06 kids etc.

hell, i’m multi-racial and an example of how race-mixing can still produce traditional western values.

there are other ways. but i guess these things are not surprising anymore.

It really is a shame how this and other events like it become tools for more laws that simply ensure that more of these events contnue to happen.


Moved to it’s own topic.

Gotta say, I listened to Byron & crew today and there was no scapegoating of the killer by blaming the weapon.


More idiots capitalizing on tragedy to try and skip school.
Although, I also see this as something a troll farm would issue nationwide.

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Why do they need this to try to skip school? They already skip school 33% of the time anyways.

looks at 1/3 of my class absent

Girl I went to school with is blasting all over her social media that our whole town is racist because people are sharing an article about a local man who shot his gf in the stomach last night, but not sharing anything about the shooting in Buffalo. She started singling people out and is on a rampage on her soapbox.

Woke culture sucks and it’s also really tragic that this shooting happen. Silence on social media should not be an indictment on anyone. Just because I don’t virtue signal post on Facebook, it shouldn’t be assumed that I’m ok with what happened.

Fucking kids.

Someone posted a direct threat to our building today, police present for arrival and dismissal now.

Fucking idiots.


No idea what was going on last night around 5 but I had an Erie County Sheriff blow by me doing about 60 in the median on Maple heading toward Transit, then as I headed up Youngs I saw two more sets of lights blow through the intersection of Youngs and Sheridan heading the same way. Was too far away to see if the lights were police, fire or rescue. Our local news is 100% “Buffalo shooting coverage” so anything else happening in the region I guess just didn’t happen.



I’m curious about that $700,000 number. How accurate is it?

Uh, should we have a water based car thread?


Hello FBI. Pretty sure that is sarcasm.
We have no pink font, but it must be sarcasm.

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Facebook, politifact and the Pentagon say that this is false so clearly the dude had definitely invented a water powered car and was assassinated.

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