Vendor Review : Hybrid Connection

This weekend was filled with a lot of BS that gave me very little free time to get shit done.

Above and beyond the call, I tracked down Don from Hybrid who pretty much made time for me, being in the situation I was in, out of his busy schedule. More BS happened, and I couldn’t even make it there for the time he so preciously made for me.

So somehow, my good looks and charm got Gary and Don to wake up early on a Sunday - and cut a mangled part of my 3.5" exhaust out, and reweld it (making all the pie cuts). On top of that, they mounted and balanced my snow tires.

Now, I will say that you shouldn’t expect people to drop everything that they were doing (including relaxing on a weekend), but I was in some serious shit, as I needed to go back down to NYC that day… and they got shit done. Always appreciated, never forgotten.

PS. Gary is quite the mechanic and a pretty good welder as well… I’m impressed!

thanks again guys…

:tup: :tup:

always have been a helpful bunch of guys

This weekend sucked for me too…working on your exhaust was part of it…but I blaim the man hole cover more than you. I’m never driving in nyc.

Thanks for the kind words, kind sir.

hybrid are stand up guys. bottom line.

like turning my sig back on?

manhole cover ?

again ? or is this the same damage that happened a long ass time ago ?

no problem howie. although we didn’t get Dim Sum :frowning: I can’t go alone, I dont know how to say the food. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just glad we got you taken care of it was good to see you again :slight_smile:

pretend your in the south and compliment a girl on her tits.
ex. “dim sum nass bewbees”