Vintage Junkyard...

And it’s for sale.

Auction is for the largest known privately owned collection of vintage, high performance, and aftermarket car parts in the USA that has not been completely raped and pillaged.

Crazy. Tons of pics in there.

“One of these things is not like the others…”

Certainly some nice stuff, but there is a reason it got ZERO bids. Mostly junk and a complete pain in the ass.

I’ve been there to pick up parts for my friend’s 70 camaro, certainly a lot of collectors items, it wouldn’t be that bad except for the 1.5 million price tag

so this is where violator’s mustang wound up after he cut it in half.

imagine cleaning that mess up, you could spend the next 10 years sorting that stuff out

You could easily make up the $1.5 mil by selling the parts on ebay, but you would need a full time staff to do it all.

Plus I read on another site that the EPA is going to slam the next owner with requirements that they need to meet for all the fluids that has seeped into the ground there.

But if done right, you could like there for a few years with your buds, post a ton of parts on ebay and make a mint.

You would have to be extremely knowledgable and dedicated to sell that lot off. But theres no doubt you could make some loot. The prices for muscle car parts are absolutely insane. I drool just thinking of what some of that is worth.

Sweet Fuck! I would LOVE to walk through there!!! :headbang:

think about all the cars and parts u could sell to big wigs like Boyd, trepanier, foose and many others. I have seen boyd on AHR buy cars off ebay.

I’d love to get my hands on that 409…


awsome totally sick so many rebuild projects. If only car parts could talk, there has to be so many stories with each of those cars. besides that do u know how much cash is there in parts.

F*ck that… i dont see any hondas:hitit:

The crusher is in the yard to to his :hitit:

I wonder how many trespassers that pack of German Shepherds has eaten in their lifetime. :slight_smile:

my fine 409

They look like they’ve got very shiny protein-fed coats. :slight_smile:

Junkyard dogs :slight_smile:

TrueBlue… Your Stang done yet??? :slight_smile: