Vote For New York State's Next License Plate

I don’t really like any of them… I mean #5 if only because it give some representation outside of NYC. I don’t even know what bridge on on #3, lol.

… Apologies in advance if you forget to un-check the “Yes, I’d like to receive updates from the Governor’s Office” box…

That would be the new Mario Cuomo Bridge… or as I like to call it:

I’m just glad they’re dumping that ugly blue and yellow and going back to white and blue.

EDIT: And yeah, #5 no doubt.

So Cuomo is, in a round-about way, putting his dad on one of the license plate options?

Someone was saying it was leaked they already had the blue ones at Auburn correctional. Itd make the most sense.


My white and blue plates are in excellent shape, so they’re forcing these on me at the additional cost during registration? Fuckkkk this state in the ass with a rusty butter knife coated in expired breast milk.

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The gov said something about how the old plates are not going to be compatible with EZ Pass? In what way? Are we getting RFID plates? @Blue_Eyed_Devil

Cuomo is claiming the old plates aren’t reflective enough for the photo based cashless tolls.

NYS Thruway Authority says, “there’s no fucking problem with any NYS plates…soo…”

Oh I’m not saying I believe a word that comes out of that cock sucker Cuomo’s mouth, I’m just saying that’s the latest lie he’s trying to tell people.

I’m honestly fine with paying $25 to get that ugly yellow and blue plate off my car, otherwise I’d probably be more upset about this. :laughing:

The one with Niagara Falls on it won.

Cool, but are we being forced to buy new plates? Or was that debunked?

Pretty sure if you have the old liberty plates youll need to buy new ones at the next reg after like April 2020 or w/e.

And not at all shocked the max they can charge by law is $25 and they are charging $25…

Incoming about-face?