VW sign in.!

Alrighty… who here has got a dreaded volkswagen? pictures if possible… since i dont have a camera i dont have pics but ehh…

2002 jetta 1.8 black w. tan leather mmm

basic bolt ons… chip,intake,diverter valve,FMIC. it’s no quicky but it gets me from point a to point b.

Oh BTW it also won race warz at holland speed way!! hahha danm right i beat up on a bunch of ricers w/ my stock suspension and all seasonals hehe

VW for a DD. :wave:


Dubber here… it’s my toy car… My hobby is fixing it, not driving it. :slight_smile:


Yes, I have a pile of parts known as a VW.

I gots one of those.

ditto to all the above


any pics??

i think you know what my (old) car looks like

my hunk of shit is on the right.

dont worry bro, acceptance is the 1st step. j/k

here we go again…

oh, i forgot to tell you how sweet your fake carbon fiber A pillars are.

My Dub;


my dub…


jeller…i love how clean your car looks…hot car man

My wifes car.

Hey I recognize that corner! My fiance lives on Crestwood, so I’ve walked by those cars with the dogs a couple of times…

Checking in with 01 Jetta VR6. No pics, but looks just like 98SS10’s wifes car, except stock rims & sunroof. Fun toy, smooth power, 5 speed, black leather heated seats that are a Godsend in the winter. I got it in January w/59k and in the last 13k I’ve only had to replace the idler pulley and belt it shredded, and remove/clean/regrease the starter motor so that it would disengage properly. I’ve been happy with it. Now if I could just figure out why the EPC light comes on sporadically…

thanks the wheels are for sale, wanna buy them ?