Watch Crew: What to buy?


That’s a strange looking watch…


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Kinda wanna see the band that holds that to your wrist @newman



anyone out there shopping of late?

my observation is that with the apple watch, the global trend away from swiss time pieces and into smart watches and fitbits the total deliveries of swiss time pieces are likely declining 20-40%.

to combat this, the rolexes and Omegas of the world are cutting supply and increasing prices to maintain their revenues and margins.

every rolex sport wactch i have seen is 15-30% more expensive now than it was 2 years ago.

Omega speedmasters used to start at $3500cdn and now start at $5950cdn all teh way up to $16,000 for the new co-axial speedy and into the high $28k range for RG Speedys.

My GMT Coke is up 50-75% since i bought it 3 years ago.

Tough to buy in this market but great to have held.


What is a decent watch to buy in the 2000 to 3000 range, looking to stick to a brand they sell at reeds, thanks in advance


White people.


Tag Heuer


Paul Newman’s Daytona certainly proves your theory!


Tag Heuer or Tudor.


Any preference on which model


in the $3k range i would go with a lightly used Omega Speedmaster

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I vote moon watch


whatchya’ll boys grailing on for 2018?

like, ift BTC, LTC or XRP go up 4,000% in 2018 what will be on your wrist next christmas?


I have and like the Carrera line of watches, but there’s lots to choose from

My Carrera Calibre 16, day date model, you can also get it with a leather or rubber strap.




If you’re going to buy a TAG go to a boutique at an outlet mall.

When i was at SEMA we went to the outlet mall off the strip and the TAG store has 30-35% off all of the nicer Carrera, Monaco and even many from the Zenith line.


if local stores like jared or reeds not offering at least 30% off msrp on Tags then you are overpaying. However, the only good thing about getting it at local stores is they usually offer 0% for like 6 months.


Had a gift card fall in my lap, got 25% off a aquaracer pretty happy with it

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Nice, Congrats :tup:


In that range, I am very happy with my Oris Williams F1