Watch Crew: What to buy?

I’m torn between a couple watches right now…

Option 1:

Bell & Ross Pilot 10th Anniversary - used $2999 - I’m not even sure this is a good price since list is $4800 - 41MM

Option 2:

Ulysse Nardin Maxi Marine Chronometer - new $3800 - list $5900 - 41MM

Option 3:

Panerai Radiomir Base - new $? - list $4800 - 45MM

Get the Radiomir. Such a classic look and sure to hold value.


#3 is gay, i wouldn’t pay more than 5 bucks for that thing. looks like one of those 99 cent store wall clocks minimized to fit on ur wrist.

#1 looks nice, #2 needs a non-leather band

get a PAM!
edit: or richard mille

but out of those 3… i say #1

I wouldn’t get another Panni since you already have one.

The Bell & Ross would be hot if you had a white on Black 335

#3 is a PAM you homo

I fucking hate you

also comes in rubber:

mmmm i’d still say #1, with #2 coming real close w/ a metal band…but #1 w/ a metal band would then be >

do they make like carbon fiber bands haha…that would be pretty pimp, black painted CF band

get the narden

but <47mm is not baller

what do the prices have to do with anything?

uhhh, they’re not cheap $30 watches, the price can sway over a $1000 between them. I’d say price is a factor

Edit: and holy shit, i thought I had expensive watches. I prefer very thin, and black faces


Out of yours I like option 2, plus it fits your usual dress I think.

I like this one too…

Buy them all on canal st for $150



Tag Heuer. Join the club.


If you read every thread of his there’s always a money figure involved.

Joestypes > anyone on nyspeed
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In… for more Joe vs. Jrod drama

And about your watches :whogives:

wtf kinda post is that in a simple which watch do u like thread

Haha I have a couple tags… I wear my $750 Formula 1 Chronograph nearly every day, and I have a more expensive one for whenever I need it.