Watch Crew: What to buy?


you better not be driving that 12C around with an Oris bro.


I am.

I would rather have an Oris and a McLaren than a Minivan and a Rolex.


I’ll stick with minivans and Rolexes :slight_smile:


Why not have both? :wink:


or multiples of each?

i literally gave my GMT Coke to my brother… in fact, my brothers are wearing my vintage Omega, Speedy and GMT II. I just slum it all day long.


I guess I dont ball as hard as some of you :frowning:


I just bought a Breitling Aeromarine shark chrono. Pics to come when it arrives!

That being said if anyone is interested in a Luminox 1941 chrono alarm atacama in cf get at me! haha


coming from a guy with these

2016 GT350
2013 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Limited
2012 MP4-12C


Have to make up for my weak time piece game


2018 goals:

I would like to obtain a Bremont ALT1-B or even an Alt1-p2/cr.

Even an Omega Aqua Terra

Also possibly a Tudor Blackbay with an In house movement, might be tricky to find and also way over priced.

I wear a $300 automatic seiko and drive a Jaguar F Type R; who cares.

I’m not really into the whole Rolex thing, too main stream and I actually wonder when I spot one if the owner knows anything about watches or bought the watch for the brand/ show; very off putting to me.

With that said I do like the Dark Rhodium dial OP and also the Milgauss.


Milgauss is sooo lustworthy


stop feeling that way. i did at one point as well, i was wrong.

Particularly for the sport models, Rolexes retain or increase in value and have a resale market that is far beyond anything else. I have had watch dealers offer cash to buy my watches right off my wrist in the store for much more than i paid simply because they have buyers lined up for interesting pieces.

In the case of my GMT Coke i was once offered $6500 cash on the spot because the guy could have it sold for $7500 by the end of the day. I just had an offer of over $9k for it last week. one of my buddies just sold his BLNR, bought new 3 years ago, sold to another buddy for a profit 3 weeks ago… going RG Yachty now.

There are some people who feel the way you do or who fit into the model you describe but that is usually people wearing the datejusts. the subs, gmt’s and daytonas are all rock solid commodities. if you buy it right you will never lose a dollar on it, especially the stainless ones. the gold stuff can be had at a discount.


With all of your smart investments, maybe you can have a supercar someday too :wink:


you haven’t been following the weed stocks thread bro. I already can. I chose not to. Cant drive both my sons around in a 2 seater.


Guess you will have to pick a favorite then!


my kids are very in to cars right now, we chat about this often. but there are no 4 seater Lambos :slight_smile:

oldest is nearly big enough to sit up front so a 911 or GTR would make more sense soon.


They came out with that new SUV.

Most of the guys I see with kiddos rock 911s or GTRs due to the seat factor.


No shame in driving either of those. :wink:


some wicked pics from SIHH in here:


May not be for everyone but I like it.

I love aviation hetatige watches and like to travel off the beaten path so I think with that said this watch fits the bill. I really couldn’t resist after making an inquiry about the watch and having the seller more than happy to accept my offering price. I’ve been eye balling this watch for a good 6 months.

Bremont Alt1-B