Watch Crew: What to buy?




Testing uploading images from phone.

Have had my PVD, re-bezelled sub on NATO for a while but rarely wear it. The NATO is now showing just the right amount of fray.


You have a gold Daytona and you are wearing that…


Yes you gotta change it up here and there.

My RubberB on my Daytona wore through and I replaced it recently. So as a note, daily use of RubberB is a 2.5 - 3 year thing.


we need to be talking about watches more.

i’m sorta wanting to go back into speedmasters. i really like what they are doing with that watch. there are 3 great versions of it in this video:

and these watchfinder videos are hypnotic.

@Beck @EvoMR


That Schumacher Speedy looks familiar


Yo bump it up.

This breitling tho!

The google or facebook algorithm knows this is right my style. Not cool enough to diversify these days though.


That watch is probably worth more than the car it’s pictured in, lol.