Watch Crew: What to buy?




Every since our conversation last week, it’s been in the front of my mind.

The SD4000 is probably my favorite ATM (between the matte dial, the non cyclops crystal and the glide lock) I couldn’t think of a better watch for the money.

Based on what we were talking about last week, a nice pre-owned 16600 would fit perfectly into what you’re looking to do.

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Thanks, I went through the guy who’s number you gave me. <3


@XwalkerX I still love that U-Boat!




I was joking about the “nice rep” comment.




ok guys im going to get things moving…

u-boat: $750

hamilton: $550


don’t ever meet your heroes…still trying to get used to how small this thing wears when im used to a 46mm daily.




omg you guys have essentially the same watch… that would be embarrassing if you want into the same ball or soiree as such.

one of you guys needs to put diamonds on it


Essentially the same. It’s the same, but different.

Good thing he lives 3,000 miles away.


Good to know you can snorkel down to 4000 feet with no worries.



I want some 22mm straps for my daily.

Is amazon my best bet or does someone have a go-to place. I can’t deal with shit that’s under 10" long, too. (homosexual undertones)


Thanks @XwalkerX :kisses:


Acquired my first Rolex yesterday. My dad got this new in 1989 for his 50th birthday. Mom passed it down to me yesterday for my 40th. While its nothing crazy Rolex wise its quite special for me having lost my dad 3 years ago.

The bracelet needs a good cleaning but otherwise its in quite good shape considering he wore it every day for 23 years.

Terrible pic. looked way better on the phone.

And my wife bought me this Citizen Nighthawk. Im still up in the air on it. I love the look but it doesnt have the feel of the Tag or Rolex (obviously). I suppose it will make a nice casual or backup watch.



Nice that it’s got some meaning for you. Sorry about your dad. Still looks nice.


Thanks. I will definitely wear it and remember him.



send this out for a full recon with Rolex… it will be worth it.


I did that for a rolex I got from my grandfather. It came back great, but was not inexpensive. Be happy you didn’t need an extra link or two like I did when I got it. They were over a hundred each.
I went through scherer’s to have Rolex recon it.


i bet @95d16turbo could take care of this in Hamburg


Luckily it fits me nearly perfect. I think I can get it perfect by the adjustment on the clasp.

I will def look into the recon. Im thinking it has to be at least $1k?

Im not sure if Im surprised or not that they actually still make this particular watch.