Watch Crew: What to buy?


Yep. They fixed my 1905 IWC and looked at my Oris. Great work at a more than fair rate. I believe his dad said he went through the rolex training at some point.

Only benefits are: Rolex parts and Rolex warranty?
I have read online that unless the shop is certified Rolex, they can not buy replacement parts directly from them. But for a cleaning and oiling I think they would be great.


Rolex service should be ~$750, but its worth every penny (especially on a 30 year old watch that probably hasn’t been serviced). The watch will be gone a couple weeks at minimum.


Ok thats not too bad. Mom seemed to think it had been “cleaned” twice maybe.

I know Ive paid $500 to have my TAG serviced before.



Dan, PM me. We can definitely take care of that for you.


Will do. Im not quite ready to do it yet though.



If anyone’s interested, Im selling or trading my oris divers date. Pm me for pics if interested.




pm me your number and ill text it to you!


my image hosting went down… not sure if these will work (hosted in a private FB album)

took my brother to harmony jewellers in grimbsy to get his first real watch… i think he over-bought with this… should have started with something in the $2k - $3k range imho

breitling navitmer mont brilliant datora

decided to put a nylon nato strap on my PVD Sub too:

i do have something cooking for the next acquisition but it will likely wait for us to wrap up year end.


What’s something like this run new? $5,000?


Damn, that Breitling!


in USD you can get them in the $4,500 - $5,500 range second hand. i believe they are $7k+ new in canada… maybe more. this has the brown croc strap and deployment which adds monies… it did not come with the paperwork however.

the mont brilliant datora is the breitling to have imho… it’s a great piece and not as overstated as much of the rest of the breitling range. the Transocean is pretty badass too and is prety new to their line up.

so hard to find msrp on stuff like this anyways.

i was able to get my bro about 15% off the site price.

@Beck, i can get 20-25% discount on new Rolex product in Canada if you are interested… with your dollar being so strong it may more than balance out the tax (HST)


Wait did he buy it new or pre-owned?

I don’t know if I would ever buy another Rolex new, it would have to be a holy grail and something I’m keeping forever (White Gold Pepsi, for example).


bro… remember this exchange:

you done a hard 180 :slight_smile:

the breitling was pre-owned.


Where did I say that buying a Rolex used was a bad idea?

If it’s between buying a $9000 Sub new or a 1 month old with papers for $7500, I’m buying the pre-owned. The watch for $9k is worth the same as the used one, once your name is on the card.

Or are you thinking that I would never buy another Rolex? If that’s the case, hell no. Rolex4L.


Nice Breitling Bing. I’m thinking of picking up another piece or two before year end. I’m thinking simple dress watch next.


i’m thinking about picking something up that will immediately advise those around me about how big of a complete asshole i am and how proud i am of it :slight_smile:

i tried on a Nautilus but PP doesnt make anything for people that aren’t minimum 40 years old or at least acting 10 years older than they are.



the GF brought me a pretty cool gift back from Hong Kong


you mean the clock right?

I just bought a brand new Submariner (black on black) last week and when comparing it to US pricing it was upwards of $1,200 cheaper to buy in Canada with my discount. brand new in box with unmarked warranty cards right from Rolex Canada inventory.