Watch Crew: What to buy?


yes the clock lol


I’ve never met her but you have a keeper there. I don’t even want to post what my wife got me, even when I specifically asked for a certain watch.


What was the final price?


replied to your text :slight_smile:

i had a good chat about the current state of watch buying when i picked it up. I got this from my guy at Harmony in Grimsby btw.

The CDN $ is terrible right now (USD is $1.33 cdn) but Rolex (and most other companies right now) cant increase thier pricing so drastically so relatively speaking everything is much cheaper in Canada right now. In fact, Rolex is apparently not holding any reserve stock in Canada since they prefer to sell it in the US where they get more money for it relatively speaking in USD. there are delays of several weeks to even a couple months on steel daytonas and other desirable models. our 13% HST claws back some of it but i’m getting 15-24% discounts on models up here though when he can get them and happy to pass it along.

He had dozens of breitlings and panerais this time around but they dont move like the Rolex stuff.


How were his deals on other stuff?


i didn’t really get into details but he had a full 18kt breitling that retails for $48k USD where he wanted $28k cdn… but that’s not uncommon for gold stuff since it’s usually out of reach for most peoples.

I will be going in to pick up the Sub either tomorrow or sometime next week. if you have the time during the day come up with me.

he has most of the stuff on display now and since i’ve bought 2 pieces off him in the last month with at least 1 more coming it’s a good time to tag along.


So i finally received my Christmas gift to myself. Grail acquired


Great looking rep :wink:


Not exactly in the same league as some of the more recent postings, but got this G-Shock (GW-2310FB-1) as a gift for my birthday last month


@bing find me a good Canadian exchange rate deal on a deepsea and ill just sell my sea-dweller


Hell yeah, I wanna see more digital watches in here :tup:


my guy is on vaca and going down to a show in Vegas and coming back up with a bunch of stuff… all the rolex stuff that you’re asking for is in high demand up here. He has a BLNR coming up with full kit but my buddy is going to reserve it.

i kind of have to just ask what he has coming up instead of asking him to find stuff because good rolex prodcut is so scare right now. he had a no kit blue TT sub a few weeks back that he likely still has. by kit i mean paperwork.


It’s running two minutes slower than the others. Take it back for a refund.


who really gives a shit what time it is anyways :slight_smile:


Actually…you’re right.


new stainless daytonas dropped today at Basel World…

tough to find good pics since it just dropped today…

will be interesting to see how they price it relative to the regular stianless daytona

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her eis the black face:

and the article from hodinkee


Pricing has been released at least for other markets. I’m planning on a white one.


11,800 CHF converts to $16k cdn…

down in Cali here i have seen a few estate daytonas asking above msrp…

also was at this place the other day:

easily best inventory of Rolex i have ever seen… they have 2 Paul Newman daytonas on display and every current version of the daytona in the case as well with no added mark ups.


Silly question… I was in The Bahamas at a Rolex store and the prices seem to have an extra 0 on them. The exchange rate is pretty much even Steven. What gives?

When she said, “That one is $58,000.00”, I tried not to look shocked and said, “I will think about it.” lol

I looked at the prices and sure enough, what I thought was a plane Jane Rolex was $58,000. Another one was $51,000.


Maybe what you thought was steel was actually platinum?