Watch Crew: What to buy?


^ What he said. Submariners come in White Gold as well, which is deceiving.

But yeah, my guess is that you were looking at precious metals not stainless steel


That it explains it guys.


Put a nato strap on one of my Oris


that looks cool!


I scooped this and another one a while back. Didn’t bother posting before.


My wife just bought me this watch… not sure I’m 100% sold on it. I’ve never worn a watch in my life to be honest.

What do you guys think?

I was also looking at this one as well:


lay off the niacin…

im not really a huge fan of either but just get whichever one you like the most?


I like the multi dial better.



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How much better? Or would you take the money and get something else?

Just debating what to do.


take the money and get something else

Movado is more of a fashion statement than a high end mechanical piece.

Really, to make a long story short, the chrono that you are wearing is a battery operated quartz movement. The quartz movement is considered to be MUCH less desirable than a proper Swiss Automatic.

Looks like the MSRP is $2,500 on that watch. For that money, I’m sure you can find a nice Swiss Auto.


Thanks Tom.

Yea that’s not what she paid…I know that much. I think she got 50% off. She thought the same thing when i tried it on… didn’t seem to have that effect for the price.

Name some watches I can look at in the $1000-1600 price range. I’m lost when it comes to watches… I’d like a nice dress watch or a nice everyday watch.


I have an Oris and I wear it everywhere. Doesn’t matter if I’m going fishing or dressing up. To me, it’s just a solid go-to watch. If you fish through this thread, you’ll see a handful or Oris as well.


Love me my Oris.


i think if you were to take some time and read this thread this exact topic has been discussed many times over.

A near new Oris is your best bet under $2k. Omega just over that… and some Tags.


for about 1800-2k you can pick up a decent used speedmaster


and that’s a good idea…

i think you get a much better speedy with full kit in the $2,500 range though.


I haven’t read this thread in quite some time but I will.

I’ve actually been looking at the omega’s for a better part of a month now. I like the speedmaster.

Is it better to buy from a grey market dealer and loose manufacturers warranty while saving some cash?


i bought my Rolex from a guy that @Beck actually knew

everything went smooth and i saved roughly $4.5k off the retail purchase price (granted its a few years older)


buy this speedy:


I’m not crazy about that watch. Also a little bit more than I want to spend right now.