Watch Crew: What to buy?


WOW wish I had a few of these, watch the guys reaction @ 3 minutes+:


Thats awesome. There’s a few “Paul Newman” Daytonas out there that sat for years because nobody wanted them and they were considered ugly. Department stores had these things laying around for years. They are worth $1,000,000+ now.


i saw two paul newmans in Carmel for $140k with full kit.


Alright ive been out of the game for about a year now since I sold my oris divers date. Ive been looking at tag heuer aquaracers lately. I want something with a decent lume.

What are some other good divers? Id consider another oris but looking for something a little different. Ideas?


Omega, Ball, Oris 65?


I’d love an omega but they are def out of my price range right now. I’ve looked at a few balls I like the firemen series. How are like fortis, alpina, longines? hamiltons are nice but they don’t have a lot that are my style with a nice lume. I had an Oris divers date and would get another but I’d like to check something else out I think.


Steinhart. Certina DS Action Diver.


Fortis is solid bang for the buck. I’d pass on Alpina. Longings Legend Diver is pretty nice looking.


@XwalkerX there are 2 brand new deep-sea dates at Ashley Jewellers in Hamilton by my place.

They just decided not to invest to keep their Rolex license so they are also discounting 20% off msrp up here.

#1890 Manned up and pulled the trigger on this baby over the weekend. The quality and feel of this watch is unlike any other ive ever seen. So comfortable and good looking. I loved my oris divers date but this watch is lighter, more comfortable and makes it look like a fossil watch compared to this. So happy with the purchase.


Hey, watch it there.


Haha Andy I loved that oris as it was sentimental to me when I bought it during a real rough time of my life, Its a great swiss watch but you’ve got to see this Omega in person sometime. You’ll want to buy it from me too lol. I love it!


More info?


whats CAD retail on them?

actually whats the price the are asking?


@Beck, @XwalkerX this is them:

they were a Rolex dealer up until recently. however, Rolex has a host of new requirements to keep their license and these guys decided they couldnt carry the full line and build the Rolex room… too expensive. However, they still have all of the good stuff in stock.

i will happily proxy it for you if you want so long as you make it easy for me. i dont know the msrp on this stuff and the canadian pricing is overdue for an increase

the discount is not being promoted. My neighbours sister has worked there for over a decade and she told me they’ll do 20% off


im just curious what the actual price is.

realistically if i felt like it was a good deal i would buy a deep sea and sell the sea dweller


call them, find out the msrp, ask about 20% off… then add 13% hst…

if htey wont give you the 20% over the phone i can get it in person.



Got a really good deal lined up on a Shinola as a gift to myself for surviving 30 years. Talk me away from the brand… or towards it. I like their story.


It is an expensive quartz movement with nice packaging. More jewelry than a watch, but I like their look.