Watch Crew: What to buy?


Good point. While the deal I am looking at is appealing, this is my biggest turn off. hrmm…


I am also turned off by the fact that everyone in Detroit now has one. Their bands and leather goods are top notch.


Shinola is bomb


I received one as a gift. I wouldn’t be paying anywhere close to MSRP for a quartz watch. It’s basically a slightly more upscale Fossil.


See, this is funny. I can see that being annoying, haha.

New, 50% off through a friend in the retail biz. I’m not committed to it, but it was really appealing when brought up.

At the same time, throwing another $400 at a ‘nice’ quartz watch, no matter how much retail is, seems stupid to me in a sense.

You boys think I should save up some more and wait for a big boy piece?


Get a big boy piece Paul, You wont regret it! There is nothing like a fine Swiss time piece. Its a nice treat to yourself. Every time I look down my wrist and see my omega on it I cant help but smile. Even though it wasn’t cheap, It was worth it compared to anything else I was looking at. If you buy a cheaper designer quartz watch, you’re going to find in not much time that you’re looking for something more and you’d of wasted money on a quartz watch with no resale.

Even something like the Oris below would be a great first Swiss piece then when you want to bump up, you’ll most likely get what you paid or close to it back when you sell the oris.


ive been tossing the idea around of selling my late model sea-dweller and picking up a speedmaster or a spider dial circa my birth year such as this


I was just doing some research on spotting “fake” Rolex. The link you posted shows imprint in the case cover. It was mentioned very few models have this imprinting. What say you?


by imprint are you referring to the case back engraving?




sea-dwellers come with case back engravings




dont you dare bid on that link lol…im really considering it


Well now that I feel more confident it’s real…


I’m all for a SD, but I can’t get on board with the “spider” dial.


I am the only guy who looks tiny faced, old, simple watches anymore? Example, my Air King:


I fucking dig it ^


34mm? 36mm?


girl/guy per Rolex, correct?


34mm. Small as fuck.