Watch Crew: What to buy?


Now that’s nice.


Anyone on here have an Apple Watch? I’m going to buy one, but waiting until the second gen comes out, I’m not baller, do I care enough, to spend more than $300 on a watch, but I like the idea of a smart watch.

Just looking for opinions, which is funny because this is the internet.


there are a number of dudes i see in my industry (sales side of things) that wear samsung gear or apple watches… they use them and enjoy them… but they wish they had a rolex.


I received and Apple Watch as a gift. While the concept is cool, the battery life makes it impractical since you can’t even get through a full day on a charge.


That’s the one thing I’ve read as well, that’s why I’m waiting out for the Apple Watch 2, it’s supposedly going to have improved battery life over this current generation.


Any thoughts on Martenero? Kinda digging the Ace.


I have an apple watch, got it on sale for $249 is the only reason I got it. I can go almost 2 days on a charge, when I get up to shower and cook my eggs in the morning I throw it on the charger and it’s at 100% when I leave the house. I consider it like a phone, it’ll be fucking garbage in 2-3 years and I’ll post it here for pennies and still get offers of broken snowboard bindings for it. I’m halfheartedly planning on a Seiko purchase but kinda meh on it, I work for a living and not posting about dick wiping with silk pocket square or my sock game. FYI all my socks are Snap-on, made the USA by Eco-Hosiery.


First automatic and will not be the last.

Steinhart Ocean Titanium 500

Ceramic, sapphire, titanium…


Hasty wrist shot, need to capture a night shot as the lume is awesome:


Nice pickup. Looks sharp.


Not a bad looking watch what size is this?


Thank you, sir.

Thank you. Diameter is 42mm, but the inner chapter ring makes it look smaller. 13mm thick. 22mm lugs.


Another new arrival…GW-5000-1JF


I have the same watch!


Im not a watch person, but yeah.


The G or the Steinhart?


The G, it’s a great watch, I wear it on duty.


Perennial JDM favorite. Been eyeing it for awhile and finally scooped it up on sale on the big river site. Joins my negative display, blacked out GW-2310FB-1


Yeah I was in the market for a tough, reliable, simple watch and had a Casio way back when, I did my research and ended up with it. I like digital watches.



Decent deal on an Oris ~600 for a 44mm auto