Watch Crew: What to buy?


I purchased a Casio ProTrek PRW6000Y


Hey can someone go buy something fucked up like a ceramic daytona, Richard Mille, hublot BB and post it here… just fucking fake if you have to.

I need to talk about watches a lot more than I do


my Omega Seamaster is up on ebay now and ending tonight if anyone is interested.


Still love it.


i’ll be looking to unload my speedy triple calendar again when your dollar pops back up… which it should in the next year or so.


I tried on some Hublots in Aruba, just couldnt justify the spend in addtion to the trip.

Picked up an F1 Williams Oris while there.


that’s the new one eh?

looks nice. i really liked mine when i had it but it was an older version.


friend of a friend making decent watches locally. Good intro watch with quality parts and not too pricey.


Oh hey there little guy!


word up… good buddy of mine picked up a BLNR recently as well. i picked up the speedometer matching bracelet for him in Vegas a few weeks back.

did you get rid of something else and move to this?

you had a Sub right? i find that so many of the Rolex sport models look too similar to own multiples


No it was an addition.

Sub, GMT Master ii, SD4000 and now this GMT Master ii BLNR

All very different watches (except for the GMT ii’s). They might all look similar but I don’t wear them for variety.

The BLNR right now is the hottest watch Rolex has. Took forever to find one locally and when I did, it was the only one they are getting for the foreseeable future.

I was thinking about cashing and getting a couple different watches, but there really isn’t anything that catches my attention that I don’t have or haven’t had. :frowning:


did you consider popping over here for it?

i have seen them go for $11,700cdn, full kit on which is a sizable discount over what i saw in LV.

*edit… so glad this thread is back :slight_smile:

i gave my brother my speedy triple calendar a few weeks back… he’ll be giving me for it but no gains in it for me.


$11,700 is about $8800 here. MSRP is $8950. So not much difference, plus I wanted an English Warranty card :lol:


word, wasnt sure if the were going for a premium in WNY, they are at the AD’s up here usually.


I have a great relationship with the guy at Reeds. :slight_smile:


@Beck, do you keep everything on the OE bracelets or have you considered any rubberB straps?

for further discussion… i’m currently grailing on this Patek 5712r

i’d rubberB it right away


OE all day, everyday. The craziest thing I’ve done is buy a dozen or so NATO straps for my Speedy Pro :rofl:


Ive always used aftermarket Zulu straps with my SD


Nautilus looks best on bracelet imo.


I just picked up a Bomberg.

Really like the design for a kick around under 1k