Wearing out your strut's....

ok ive gotten all sorts of responses to this from several people…but i just want to know the main consensus on this.

as some of you know, i just put Tein springs on my car and i still have my stock struts on…ive only had the car for 3 months…since the car is relatively new, i know it will take a while to blow my struts since they did not set in completely on my stock springs.

i couldnt really afford the coil over kit and no one really makes after market struts for my car just yet…well except TRD but i dont want to blow several hundred on a set…nor do i really have the funds for $500+ for just struts… i had KYB check and they arent out yet…grrr. the car rides awesome right now, not bumpy at all…i dont drive it into pot holes and bumps when i can avoid em and i autocross 1, maybe 2 times per month…so im not doing toOOo much agressive driving on 'em…

so how long do i have…2-3 mo. …1 year???


how much lower is it?

if its 1.5" or less, its fine on stock shocks. if its more, they will wear out, but you have at least a year on your stockers.

2.25 in in the front, 2 in the back…

you are pushing it… and you will probably start to notice it next spring.

just wait until kyb makes an agx. you will be fine for the rest of the season

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so i’ll be fine for the winter?

it all depends.

You do drive a lot…


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i imagine if you return to the stock springs after your struts are shot…it would be under warranty right?

they will see the marks on the shocks from where they were sitting.

even if that did work would it even be worth the hassle just to run into the same issue down the road? i say just drive it, and keep savin for the aftermarket stuff that will become available down the road, i imagine once more options hit the market prices will drop :tup:

if u drive alot they will start to go soon, prob 2 or 3 months
just keep an eye out for any aftermarket strut out there ie agx’s

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even when the shocks go… you can still drive it around… it will just be … a little less car-like… and little more yacht-like.

It’s not being sold nor is it on any public forums so the grammar nazi shant have a problem… :lol: