Weather 518


Well, if you and Caryn need anywhere to stay we have a spare bedroom. :rofl


Thanks buddy, but we should be good. Got the generator running, and that powers enough in the house (including hot water too shower) off the transfer switch.


Is this offer open for me as well, bRyan?


NWS just confirmed there was indeed a 1 mile wide EF2 tornado originating in Florida, NY that traveled through parts of Rotterdam and Schenectady yesterday.


Tornado confirmed in schenectady

BREAKING NEWS – The National Weather Service confirms an EF-2 tornado touched down in Montgomery and Schenectady Counties yesterday between 6:45-7pm, about one… mile wide, with 125mph maximum sustained winds. The tornado started in the town of Florida and tracked about 17 miles through Rotterdam. More


Best video so far:

[ame=“”]Schenectady NY 5/29/2013 thunderstorms and possible tornado - YouTube[/ame]

Doin’ it big up at the General.


sick vids and im glad everyone is ok this was mother natures way of responding to the rangers firing head coach…/pjb


Lots of downed trees in Troy. Didn’t regain power until 1:30 PM today. Oakwood Ave near Hoosick was a total mess. Emergency vehicles all over Hoosick this morning.


who else read this as not work safe and then died laughing :lol

latham ridge rd was still fucked today when i went for my run, found out i was stupid close to not having power either for a long time. huge tree went down a few houses down and ripped the power wire off of the house while not touching any other line. lots of national grid employees saw me sweating my ass off lol


Well now I’ve gotta upload my vid. The wall cloud seemed to have passed extremely close to my shop, I took a vid starting right after that pic was taken including crazy ass rain/wind.


I was in Schroon Lake for work today and asked the guys there how the weather was up there last night and they said it didnt even rain.


So the National Weather Service has made updates about the May 29th storm, there are 3 confirmed tornadoes. Two EF1 tornadoes, one in Saratoga County the other in Schoharie County and the EF2 in Schenectady County. They also updated the path of the EF2 which they said ended at the corner of Campbell Ave and Broadway which is literally 3 direct miles from my house.


Just a taste of what’s to come in JUly/August


Actually may and June are more active as far as thunderstorms. Still a bunch of cold air aloft that let’s them get nice and violent as warm lower air comes in. Now if we are talking hurricanes that’s what starts around now.


Dude if you go over to the other blocks by the school some kind of tornado DEF went through there


Yup thats me and my house in bellevue :lol


Just signed you up for another tornado, thanks for the address.


trees down, posting on shift