Weather 518


Flash floods yesterday

Homes destroyed after Herkimer County flooding


My coworkers boyfriend’s family lives out in fort plain on a hill that overlooks where it was flooding, some of the video they were sending her was ridiculous.




Looks like another 3+ inches of rain for parts of the area today. Just what we need…


Ugh I feel bad for anyone who works outside this week.


Yeah, it’s fantastic working in this


Just can’t be a pussy LOL, I work in it, just gotta drink a lot water.


I used to do it, it’s not too terrible, but it’s much nicer when it’s mid 70s with a light breeze haha. Like you said you just have to be constantly drinking water.


Oh yeah absolutely I would pick 70’s over it, but its not bad either way, you get used to it, at least I do.


Yeah, my only gripe was the other co workers constantly complaining about the heat lol.


im ready for fall.


Me too. Summer is not my time. Far too sweaty of a man to enjoy this weather. Ill state holed up in my air conditioned office for now.


its been a pleasure in this heat everyday…Espec in a rig with no ac


not letting the heat stop my runs, just sweat like a fucking mad man the whole time lol


Wow, listen to that wind!




Welp. We can kiss that storm goodbye if they’re hyping it up a week in advance. Murphy’s law.


I’ll believe that when me shit turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.




^^^ YES.

Article is full of “could’s”.